Agnus Dei Presents!
Apollo or Jesus — and
What Really Happened on the Moon
It was a great moment of triumph.

The world, in excited anticipation, was enthralled with the beginning of the journey.

Aboard the world’s most powerful rocket were three men, destined to make history.

More than 36 stories tall, the saturn booster, when its engines exploded, lit up the sky as bright as the sun itself.

It was another day there were two suns in the sky.

It was the day the apollo 11 mission left Earth in the first moonwalk that would leave mankind’s footprints on another planet.  A planet:  as our dead, lifeless sister, the orbiting moon is seen more scientifically as Terra Firma’s twin, rather than an insignificant asteroid or meteor that just happened to be captured in Earth’s orbit.

In reality, it is by design that the moon revolves around this world, regulating the cycles of life on this planet.

For those who continue to believe that all of this is just a haphazard event that can occur anywhere in the Universe, the absurdity is clear when simply contemplating the necessary perfections of just these two heavenly bodies to sustain life as we know it.  A little closer or further from one another, or even a change to their revolutions around the sun, would mean disaster for all.

In this mathematical and astronomical equation involving the
“dance of the planets,” even Albert Einstein understood that “coincidence” was impossible and design the only answer.

But Einstein, for all his great knowledge and genius, while believing in a Supreme Being, did not believe we could personally know this God.

The Bible says otherwise.

And with a
Face that speaks to us all — one way or the other — the proof is in the Shroud.

That proof, however, is ignored.

Ignored, just as His Mother was, once again, on the
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

For the saturn rocket and its billions-of-dollars payload were launched from the former
Garden of God known as Earth on July 16, 1969.

The world, glued to the 20th-century-made idol of TV, did not honor Mary on Her feast day; and, instead, honored an agency made up of many former members of the nazi party, whose scientific knowledge was deemed more important than their political affiliations at the end of a war
Our Lady of Fatima had predicted.  A war that had seen two holocausts (burnt offering in Hebrew)!

But Mary is not God, and while She warrants and has earned the right to our respect and veneration, many protest-ant “Christians” in America, contrary to 2,000 years of history, say that is not so.  They provide false and misinterpreted arguments from Scripture in order to downgrade Mary’s role in salvation.

So there are those who could read this article and justify that it is no big deal that Mary was not honored on that day when the crew of apollo 11 took off.  It is the right of Christ to be honored and worshipped — not Mary.

And this is where the obvious hypocrisy of these people is shouted from the rooftops.  For these same people do not defend their own God’s honor even when He is blatantly dishonored!

No one complains of the names used — and promoted under the use of “Christian” America’s tax-paying dollars — in the project to send men to the moon.

While there are those who may resent our bringing up the fact that many scientists came from nazi Germany to work on America’s space program and feel it may be irrelevant, please remember what these people were exposed to:  a society that worshipped a man; believed in pagan deities, incorporating them into public ceremonies; and, a political party that sought the destruction of Judeo-Christian ethics and people!

And so, we come to the names used and approved by the U.S. government and its agency, NASA, as well as those hidden from public view who control the budgetary purse strings!

Who is God?

apollo or Jesus?

saturn or the Lord?

mercury or the Most Holy Trinity?

Trivial, one might claim.

Not when we are dealing with a jealous God!

We must always remember that we are created in His Image — not just in the capacity of five fingers, five toes, a head, body, etc.  But in His feelings!

We know what it is to hate.  For He does, too.

We know what it is to love.  For He does, too.

We know what it is to be angered when something great, positive or good that we have done has been neglected, rejected, scorned, or misrepresented by those who do not love, like or want us as an individual.

He does, too.

Let us simplify this offense in a humanistic way.

Dr. Wernher von Braun was the incredible genius and inventor behind the world’s most powerful rocket, the saturn V.  (And, yes, we are purposely lower-casing all references to false gods!)

Let us imagine for a moment, because of Braun’s background and history — even though it was ceremonial — as a member of hitler’s SS death squad, he was not allowed to be given public credit for his work.  Instead, American taxpayers were told the creator behind this amazing machine that helped men escape Earth’s gravity was really the calypso singer Harry Belafonte!

How would von Braun feel?  Would there be jealousy, rage, anger; a sense that the maligned scientist would want vengeance against those who did this to him?

How do we think Jesus feels when we name — in pride — our heavenly rockets and missions in honor of those who not only never existed in the first place, but have nothing to do with the creation of the Universe!

America not only dishonored Mary on Her feast day July 16, 1969 when our astronauts went to the moon by stealing the spotlight from Her, but there was an even worse offense to the Lord Himself by ignoring Him as the Creator and placing in name honor to those who are nothing more than pagan deities.  The same type of deities that would have found a home among the members of the SS, the elite of Germany who followed — in religious rituals — the gnosticism and evil legacy of the Knights Templar.

But there is something far more disturbing about the apollo 11 moon mission and its legacy upon this nation.

It is a fact which NASA asked to remain hidden for fear of public ridicule.

NASA was more concerned that the separation of church and state remain in force publicly rather than the private wishes of the second man to walk on the moon.

His name is Buzz Aldrin.

While we hold no animosity toward him, the actions of Buzz remain shrouded.  We do not deny him his faith, for we are not confidants of him.

But we must question his motives.

For it was Aldrin who decided, after attending services at his protest-ant church, to take a
communion wafer (for that is all it is since it cannot be properly Consecrated unless by the hands of a Universal Church priest) to the moon with him and administer what he believed to be the “symbolic” body of Christ once the Eagle had landed on the surface of the moon.

It is a fact that Aldrin offered Neil Armstrong, before the first man to walk on the lunar body stepped out of the lunar module, to share in this personal moment between the astronauts and God.  Armstrong declined.

So what could make anyone be concerned about such a seemingly “innocent” and private moment between a man and his Creator in one of the greatest events of history?

As always, it is simple.

Buzz Aldrin was, at the time, a
32nd-degree mason, who, at that level, must, as part of his initiation rite, take an oath, in honor of the Knights Templar (remember the SS?), against “altars and thrones.”  We have spoken of this over and over again — there is only one “Altar” referred to in this oath, and that is the Altars of the Catholic Church where the true Presence of Christ resides in every Tabernacle throughout the world!  Aldrin, knowingly or not, took an oath against the True Presence!

The “throne” oath is in reference to any royalty whatsoever.  As a historical note to that oath, when King Louis XVI was beheaded in the French masonic revolution, his blood was scooped up in the hands of a freemason who shouted,
“Jacques de Molay, you have been avenged!”

Jacques de Molay was the last grandmaster of the Knights Templar, burnt at the stake for worshipping “baphomet.”  (Again, as we have challenged before, make an internet search of this name of the “goat god” and see if the fruit of “baphomet” is good or evil.)

It is not, therefore, just a question of Buzz Aldrin performing a false communion service on the moon after ignoring the Mother of the Eucharist on Earth, but it also is indicative of the former astronaut’s allegiances!

In fact, Aldrin brought something very special to the moon with him.  While many people are aware of the American flag left by the first planetary visitors from Terra Firma and planted on the lunar surface, most have no knowledge that Aldrin brought the masonic flag in honor of the Supreme Council of the Motherhouse, located in Washington, D.C.

This is where the world headquarters of freemasonry resides.

And while no one has been able to say with any certainty that Neil Armstrong is a mason (we may find this out when he dies as masons love to point to the achievements of their “brethren” once they pass on as an incentive for others to join their ranks), the father of the man who was the first human to walk on the moon was a high-ranking 33rd-degree initiate!

It is easy to comprehend, then, that Armstrong would make no objection to Aldrin bringing the masonic flag to the moon.  That flag today rests in “honor” at the supreme headquarters of freemasonry in our nation’s capital!

Again, we can hear those who state, “Big deal!”

These are the ones who are spiritually blind to how “big a deal” it is.  For freemasonry not only swears its oaths against the Rock of Peter, but it refuses to speak the Name of Christ in its lodges so as not to offend believers of other religions in the
“universal brotherhood of man” theology it adheres to.

Far more importantly and much worse in the spiritual scheme of things is who the masonic order does permit to be publicly honored.

It is not Mary.

It is isis — the false goddess of Egypt!

It is apollo.

It is mercury.

It is saturn.

It is the pagan gods of old whom the Lord long ago defeated when He gave Constantine the Great — not a blazing meteor as some morons recently claimed — but a miraculous event in the sky with the words,
“By this Sign, you will conquer.”

And by the
Sign of the Cross, Constantine did.

And with it, as the Lord inspired, a new Empire was built:  the Kingdom of God with the throne of the emperor to rule and the Altar of the Church to worship at.

But Americans — especially the so-called protest-ant Christians — truly do not want this Kingdom of God on Earth as the Lord Jesus saw fit to establish.

They do not want Mary.

They do not want the pope.

America will have no king to rule over it.

America will have no queen to honor.

Unless, of course, the king is freedom and the queen is liberty.

With the current scandalous state of the Church, it is hard to argue with those who do not want its Altars.

With the confusion over what is true Christianity, it is hard to argue with those who say salvation can come through any means of worship.

But for those who spiritually long for the
Reign of the Sacred Hearts, it is not hard to see how America has NOT forwarded the agenda of Jesus and Mary.

America has not forwarded — and nor has the Church, we are ashamed to say, in all its 21st-century temporal power — the messages of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of America, or Our Lady of Fatima.

America has, instead, honored the names of false gods in its greatest achievement.  It has ignored the Empress and Queen of our continents on Her feast days, offending Her Son, and shedding what is rightfully Mary’s glory on a cold, copper statue of the “goddess of liberty” in the Harbor of Babylon.

What happened on the moon more than three decades ago is known ultimately not only to the astronauts, but those “handlers” who ensured and requested that America’s first mission to walk on another planet honor the masonic flag.  A flag whose symbolism is the double-headed eagle.  The once standard of the House of Hapsburg, the royal bloodline of most Holy Roman Emperors.

In the occult, it has often be said centuries before science enabled mankind to set foot from this planet and onto another that three events must occur in order for lucifer to be enthroned in place of “the nameless one” (as occultists refer to our God!)  One of those was for primordial matter to be brought back from another planet.  That achievement was accomplished in the apollo missions.

The question we must all ask ourselves in light of this is, has the world become a better place for mankind or a more dangerous place since this Earth-changing event?

Americans truly do not know their history — only what has been fed to them by the masonic educational system.  A system that never seems to discuss the beliefs of so many famous people we are told to revere and idolize.

The Lord knows our history intimately.  He knows what has been done behind closed doors.  Others can laugh and call it a joke; claiming there are no secrets in these societies.

If someone wishes to believe that, fine.

But no one can argue against the simple and obvious fact that our Lord has not been honored — as the news of the day alone tells anyone how He is dishonored, whether that someone is a believer or not.

Our nation has, however, honored apollo, mercury, saturn, etc., and continues to do so today.  We only need look at the images that abound throughout our capital, even within the halls of Congress itself!

America can remove the biblical passages from the Grand Canyon while permitting the peaks of God’s greatest natural wonder to retain the names of false gods.

It is a double-standard.

But one that will not stand.

In the dishonoring of Jesus and His Mother by this nation, we do not appeal to the pope, the president, or, pardon the thought, as the Vatican continually runs to do so, the almighty body of the United Nations.  We do not even appeal to the “people.”

We appeal to the Most Holy Trinity and beg, plead and implore:  let the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be fulfilled in its completion and the Reign of the Sacred Hearts begin!

And we implore this event occur before America offends our God and Queen anymore:  offenses which, despite the “prideful” accomplishments paraded before the nations of mankind, are heaping even greater chastisements upon our nation — in the blood of the aborted martyrs — than we even dare to imagine.

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Apollo 11 takes off July 16, for its history-making rendezvous with the moon July 20, 1969.
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The second man to
walk on the moon ...
... brought more than just the stars and stripes with him; he also brought the symbolic flag of freemasonry ...
… and presented it to the ‘house of the temple’ in Washington, D.C., where Egyptian-style sphinxs guard the entrance and treasured items commemorating pagan deities can be found.
Confrontation over the moon!
We have no doubt that Aldrin walked on the moon …we just pray that he would realize the seriousness of the oaths he has sworn and renounce them; for they are oaths that do not appeal to the God who created the Heavens and Earth.