After the WTC Attack, New York Tries to Rebuild but the World Neglects
Why the Lord Removed His Hand of Protection
Santuario de Guadalupe.

It is a name most Americans have never heard of.

It is in a place far from New York City.

It is as connected to the World Trade Center attack as one’s shoelaces are to one’s shoes.

There is another place just as connected.

It was across from Manhattan on the other side of the East River.

It was close to the World Trade Center — you could see the Twin Towers from it and, conversely, see it from atop the glass monoliths.

It is a name many Americans are familiar with.

It is the Brooklyn Museum.

In this museum, as in
Santuario de Guadalupe, blasphemous events took place that sealed the fate of New York’s most famous skyscrapers.

There was one more major contributor.

It was in a southeastern corner of the United States.

It involved a little boy and a big government.

It completed a triangle of evil that cried out to Heaven.

In the culmination of these three events — not to mention the continuing horrors of abortion and our suicidal desire to rid God from our public society — the Lord removed His Hand of Protection from a nation that had not felt the sting of mass terror in its history.

Now, please, as we have stated before, do not get us wrong.  The Lord
NEVER sends terrorists to kill innocent people, but when He has had enough of a nation’s sins and His call to return in sackcloth and ashes has been ignored, He removes His Hand of Protection.  Don’t believe it?  Just ask the Israelites.

When the Lord was fed up with the people of Israel, He allowed their enemies to come in and smite them, hoping they would, once again, return to Him with hearts of fire; not with hearts — as we have become — of stone.

What were the events in
Santuario de Guadalupe that led to the attack and were a media “sensation” as well as in the Brooklyn Museum?


It was the desecration of the Image of the Mother of God.

As the Lord Jesus explained to Sister Lucy, the visionary of Fatima, He sends more people to hell for offending His Mother than for any other reason.  Among those reasons, He stated that He finds the desecration of His Mother’s Holy Image particularly offensive!

And when the United States, as a nation, as a people, as a society, allows this desecration in the name of “artistic” freedom, or any other such nonsense, we are all held accountable.  If Jesus sends people to hell for this reason, why would we, as a nation, expect His protection if we allow this desecration?

And this desecration took place at a most sacred place for Mary.

Mary, the Woman who ensured Columbus will get funding to discover — for the Europeans — a New World.

Mary, the Woman, who appeared as the one
“Clothed With the Sun” to convert the Aztec empire from its pagan worship and destruction of life.

Mary, the Woman whose Virginal Mantle was used by the early explorers to ensure their safety and who, in return, honored Her by naming so many historic areas after Her, as well as Her
Immaculate Conception.

And so, the New World grew and was blessed by God.

We honored Her and He, in His good pleasure, blessed the American continent.

Then America stopped honoring Her.

A new power grew up in the East, dominated by protest-ants.  Mary was not to be honored anymore as this new power spread its might across the land.

But that wasn’t good enough.  It wasn’t enough for this power to just reject and forget about the blessings God bestowed on this land because of His Mother.

Now it has taken a new turn.

Now it is in vogue among those in power to dishonor Her.

Santuario de Guadalupe is in a city whose full name is La Villa Real de Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asisi.

The Royal City of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi.

On the day of the attack, the once Catholic Church,
Sanctuary of Guadalupe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was and still is now in the hands of secularists.  People who could care less about honoring Mary.  Where once an Altar stood to worship Mary’s Son, now stands a piano.

Santuario de Guadalupe is the oldest and most important shrine in the United States to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the One who crushes the serpent.  Inside its once hallowed walls is the oldest reproduction of St. Juan Diego’s tilma, brought here from Mexico City — the former capital of the Aztec empire — to bless those who honor it.

September 11, 2001 was a black day for
Santuario de Guadalupe.  Inside was a special modern-day exhibition by an “artist” who depicted Our Lady of Guadalupe in almost vulgar nudity with naked angels prancing around Her in a pagan romp.  A romp reminiscent of the priestly cannibalism of the Aztec empire that once worshipped the serpent as they cut out the hearts of people on stone.

It was the day of the World Trade Center attack.

Just a year before, a similar exhibition received national publicity in the Brooklyn Museum as an artist depicted Mary with elephant dung and pornographic pictures of people surrounding Her.

Then-mayor Rudolph Guiliani tried to have the exhibit closed, but the
prima donna — which means “first lady” in Spanish — Hillary Clinton, rushed to the “artist’s” “defense” and his “rights.”  No one spoke of the Madonna’s “rights.”

The exhibit ran for one year under the shadowy gaze of the Towers.  New Yorkers and others stood on line for 2 hours to see the blasphemy.

It was the same at
Santuario de Guadalupe.  The few voices of protest against these two exhibits were greeted with the “rights” and “freedoms” of others.

In South Florida, this national triangle of evil against the
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was completed as the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) raided the home of the relatives of a young man whose mother drowned trying to save him from the scourge of atheistic communism.

This event occurred on
Holy Saturday in the Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy!  As people prayed the Rosary both inside and outside the house where Elian Gonzalez was with his family of Cuban exiles, INS agents — with guns drawn and barrels loaded — raided the home to kidnap the young man for a flight back to communism.

There was no mercy for Elian or his mother’s relatives.  Instead, he now lives with his father, who, for his support of a dictator’s media crisis, was recently given a plush political job.

We wonder, will Elian ever learn to pray the Rosary?

Three very public and official slaps by the people of the United States against the
Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Interestingly, while the INS was busy ensuring that the “illegal” immigrant Elian was escorted out of this country, another man was busy entering it.

His name was Mohammed Atta.

In April 2000, as Elian was taken into “protective custody,” Atta entered the U.S. for the first time as he began to scout out his mission that eventually led to the destruction of the
World Trade Center, a center that was built to envision global “peace.” The attack occurred on a day set aside by the United Nations for the world to envision peace.

Before the attack took place, as the Lord looked down from Heaven upon a nation that has received more abundant blessings than any in the history of mankind, what did He see?

* Blasphemy against His Mother in the oldest sanctuary dedicated to Her in the United States.
* Mockery of Her in the nation’s largest city.
* Rejection of the miracle of a boy’s survival to escape atheism, while physically assaulting and threatening those who were praying the Rosary to Jesus’ Mother for the child’s safety.

Add to it the blood of the innocent martyrs of abortion.

Add to it the insult of God in our public arenas.

Add to it a nation that plans its Sundays around sales and sporting events.

Add to it His Church that was hiding criminals disguised as priests taking advantage of innocent children  (it is not a “coincidence” that the terrorists began their journey from Boston).

Add to it a nation that rejects its Empress and Her enflamed
Immaculate Heart, while embracing a woman made of copper with a torch offering false “liberty.”

A “liberty” that now negates and makes a mockery of the rights of our Benefactor and His Queen.

The World Trade Center and the Statue of “Liberty” had much in common overlooking each other.  The Towers were officially completed in 1973; abortion began under the guise of “liberty” in 1973.  In 1976, three years later, the hottest ticket in New York was to be atop the World Trade Center to look down upon “Lady Liberty” in celebration of the bicentennial.  Ten years later, it was the same, another celebration; but not to honor Mary, the
Woman Crowned With 12 Stars who guided the first ships here, ended a culture of death and is “Clothed With the Sun.”  But to, once again, crown, on her 100th birthday, the copper idol that guides merchant ships, opens the door to abortion clinics and falsely glistens with her sun-lit diadem.

It is no wonder the event happened.

It is no wonder it happened where it did.

We, as a nation, give more honor to a woman who cannot answer prayers than to the One who can.  In the name of “liberty,” we have blood on our hands.

“And I heard another voice from Heaven saying, ‘Go out from her, My people, that you may not share in her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues.  For her sins have reached even to Heaven, and the Lord has remembered her iniquities.  Render to her as she has also rendered, and give her the double according to her works; in the cup she has mixed, mix for her double.  As much as she has glorified herself and gave herself to wantonness, so much torment and mourning give to her.  Because in her heart she says, “I sit a queen, I am no widow, and I shall not see mourning.”  Therefore, in one day her plagues shall come, death and mourning and famine; and she shall be burnt up in fire; for strong is God who will judge her.’

And the kings of the Earth who with her committed fornication and lived wantonly will weep and mourn over her when they see the smoke of her burning, standing afar off for fear of her torments, saying, ‘Woe, woe, the great city of Babylon, the strong city, for in one hour has thy judgment come.’

And the merchants of the Earth will weep and mourn over her; for no one will buy their merchandise any more … .

And every shipmaster, and everyone who sails to a place, and mariners, and all who work upon the sea, stood afar off, and cried out as they saw the place of her burning, saying, ‘What city is like to this great city?’

And they cast dust on their heads  and cried out weeping and mourning, saying, ‘Woe, woe, the great city … in one hour she has been laid waste.’  ”

Apocalypse 18:4-11, 17-19

In the “double” disaster of the Twin Towers, the dust of the monoliths were cast upon the heads of the survivors in one hour as the queen of copper mourned.

The Lord rescued and granted mercy to all those who were innocent victims that horrific day.

But He gave us an incredible symbolic message in the martyrdom of the first victim, Father Mychal Judge.

A man who followed the order St. Francis began so long ago.

A man whose first name means,
“Who is as God?

A man whose last name reminds us all of our ultimate fate before God.

We have lost the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi.

And like a symbolic judgment from Heaven of our society, Father Judge was killed when a body from atop the World Trade Center fell on him from above.

Yet, New York,
in folly, is ready to rebuild its towers of monument above its queen of copper.

And while we try to contain the islamic scourge that gave us this disaster, the people of our strongest military ally, Great Britain, continue their trek to ignore and dishonor the true Queen, Mary, with a speed that matches the rate we saw before the World Trade Center attack.  Its blasphemies of the Mother of God are also going unchallenged by officials who do not speak out and condemn this activity. 

The art exhibit dishonoring Mary in the Brooklyn Museum was first shown in London.  This Christmas saw the official government channel, the BBC, dishonor Mary and defend its blasphemy
when station managers were challenged.  This week, the nation’s major newspaper, the Times, defamed the image of Mary on its Sunday magazine cover.

Like the United States, these are three major blasphemies the people and officials of this
once “Christian” nation are allowing.  In reality, Great Britain is setting itself up, as did the United States, for an attack that will devastate its people psychologically and physically.

And the world, reaching a proliferation crisis as more
unstable minds and societies seek Weapons of Mass Destruction, moves blindly forward.

As the pope, the diplomat of Jesus and Mary, rightfully
calls Christians to unite, we must remember, no body of believers, no nations on Earth, no society, can survive and be one unless it is done under the Mantle of Mary.

The pope, as a political diplomat in a secular world, may not speak these words, but as a slave to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary under the consecration formula of St. Louis de Montfort, John Paul II knows full well unity can only be accomplished — as symbolically depicted by the Apostles gathered around Her (Acts of the Apostles 1:14) — in Mary.  It was how the Church became Universal in the 1st Millennium.

Christ will not be placated as we dishonor His Mother.

The end of the Universal Church’s empire that Constantine the Great had built with the help of God saw the beginning of its Eastern collapse in the iconoclastic controversy of the 8th century.  It was then, for the first time in history, mankind dared to defame and dishonor the Images of the Mother of God.  We, in the 3rd Millennium, can see the historical results of this activity.

The Lord removed His Hand of Protection.

If we are not careful, the Lord will not restore His Hand of Protection.

But mankind never learns its historical lessons.

Unfortunately, the reality is our shoelaces have come untied.  We are no longer grounded with our shoes in the Truth.  We are in slippery mud.  We are about to trip, fall and hang ourselves again.  We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the most grievious crime, death by abortion; we cannot celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Trade Center, it was destroyed by a most grievious crime, death by terror.

Because we have not learned our lesson, we can expect more disasters like the World Trade Center.  In the United States.  In Great Britain.  In the world.

There is only one way out.

It will not come through new monoliths in New York; in another celebration of an idol queen made of copper; another pope, president, prime minister, mullah, or fill in the blank.

It will only come from Her.

May our Mother and Queen, in Her Majesty and Mercy, despite the world’s rejection of Her, as we head off into the uncharted waters of war, guide Her children’s ships, and intercede, turning to Her Son to say,
“They have no peace.

And, then, may the
Reign of the Sacred Hearts — the only true way the world can be as one — begin.

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
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