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In the Garden With Our Lord
Why Did He Ask for the
‘Chalice’ of Suffering
to be Removed?

“ … He fell upon His Face, praying, and saying,
‘Father, if it be possible,
let this Chalice pass from Me.
Nevertheless, not as I Will, but as Thou Wilt.’

Matthew 26:39

“ … He fell flat on the ground;
and He prayed, that if it might be,
the hour might pass from Him.
And He saith,
‘Abba, Father,
all things are possible to Thee:
remove this Chalice from Me;
but not what I Will,
but what Thou Wilt.’

Mark 14:35-36

“Father, if Thou wilt,
remove this Chalice from Me:
but yet not My Will, but Thine be done.”

Luke 22:42
We have such an amazing God.

To be the Creator of all things and yet allow Himself to be mistreated and taken to the ignominious death of the Cross is outrageous.

And yet, there is a moment where we see Jesus is asking the Eternal Father if this
Cup of Suffering could be removed from Him.

The final test of obedience to God which Jesus, as the New Adam,
MUST pass if He is to atone for the disobedience of the first Adam.

It must have been an extremely difficult moment for our Lord.  Knowing full well He was about to suffer in ways that no human being could survive.  It is only Jesus’ Divinity that enables His Humanity to make it to the Cross.  The Passion recorded on the
Shroud proves that if this was just any ordinary man, this person should never have survived the scourging, let alone any other aspect of the torture they endured, including the Crowning with thorns.

Indeed, scientists who study the
Shroud now understand more the magnitude of the Suffering Christ.

The blows and scourging from the Roman flagellation devices alone were enough to kill Jesus if He was an ordinary man.  By studying the
Shroud, researchers now calculate that the scourging of Christ’s Body is equivalent to a man being shot seven times by a .44-caliber Magnum!

We all know no ordinary person could survive a single shot of a .44; perhaps, miraculously, someone could and may even be enable to endure two shots.  There is, however,
NO WAY any normal person could survive SEVEN shots!

This proves Jesus is no ordinary person.  Jesus is truly True God and True Man!

So with that kind of power, why would the Lord ask the Eternal Father to remove the
Cup of Suffering?  Especially since — in His Divinity — it was apparent to Jesus that not only would He survive the scourging, but He knew in His Sacred Heart that He would also survive the Crucifixion and be Resurrected!

What could possibly have disturbed Jesus so intently and passionately that He would even contemplate to ask for this Chalice to be removed?

We have heard many protest-ant preachers claim that the Lord was “frightened” and did not want to endure the Cross.  We once heard a Jewish convert claim that this was the first time Jesus showed weakness.  We also have heard those who claimed that Jesus was looking for a way out.

All of them are wrong.

We are not the ones to tell them that.

Jesus is the One who explicitly tells them that!

As a thought, while this does not come directly from Jesus Himself as a message, the
Stations of the Cross hold meditations that show our God was not afraid of the Cross nor did He not wish to endure it.

From our
St. Joseph Missal on the Second Station in which Jesus Carries His Cross, come these profound words:  “When our Divine Savior beheld the Cross, He stretched out His bleeding arms toward it with eager desire, lovingly embraced it, tenderly kissed it, and placing it on His bruised shoulders, joyfully carried it, although He was worn and weary unto death.”

In the Sacred Traditions of the Church, it was never believed that Jesus did not wish to embrace His Cross.  True believers understood that the Lord’s Words in the Gospel in which He asks the Eternal Father to remove the
Cup of Suffering had a far more profound meaning than what surface concepts might indicate.

This is why we can never trust protest-ants in their interpretations of Scripture.  They just don’t have the depth of love and comprehension of Jesus as the Saints do.  So we will not turn to protest-ants or “ecumenical” Church members to understand the Lord’s request.

We will turn to the
Secretary of Divine Mercy.

Saint Faustina, the first Saint of the New Millennium.

It was to St. Faustina that Jesus explained the meaning of His Words recorded in Scripture three times — one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit — in which He prayed to the Eternal Father the night the Lord began His Passion by sweating Blood.

It was to St. Faustina, who recorded the Lord's Words in her diary,
Divine Mercy in My Soul, that Jesus explained why He prayed that the Chalice of Suffering might be removed from Him.

It was not because our Lord was afraid.

It was not because He could not endure the Cross.

It was not because He feared death.

It was not because He did not believe in His own Resurrection.

It was because of something far worse and horrifying to Him.

Here is why Jesus asked that the
Cup of Suffering be removed from Him if it be the Eternal Father’s Will.


In the Ninth Day of the Novena Jesus dictated to St. Faustina in order that we might honor His
Divine Mercy, our Lord specifically spoke these words to the Secretary of Divine Mercy in regard to what prompted Him to ask the Eternal Father to remove the Cup of Suffering from Him if it were possible.

The Lord Jesus said that we were to end the
Divine Mercy Novena with this act of reparation:

“Today bring to Me souls who have become lukewarm, and immerse them in the abyss of My MercyTHESE SOULS WOUND MY HEART MOST PAINFULLYMY SOUL SUFFERED THE MOST DREADFUL LOATHING in the Garden of Olives because of LUKEWARM SOULSTHEY WERE THE REASON I cried out:  ‘Father, take this Cup away from Me, if it be Your Will.’  For them, the last hope of salvation is to flee to My Mercy.”

It was not fear that led our Savior to cry out to His Father on that night in the Garden of Gethsemani.

It was lukewarm souls!

Lukewarm cardinals who have to resign after years of covering up criminal activity regarding those in their charge who were abusing children.

Lukewarm bishops who scream at and publicly embarrass Catholics who get down on their knees to receive Holy Communion.

Lukewarm priests who are eager to spend time at the golf course rather than make preparations for the
Divine Mercy Feast.

Lukewarm Catholics who believe it is better to obey cardinals, bishops and priests who are obviously doing the wrong things spiritually rather than appear to be “disobedient” and chastise the hierarchy for its heresy.

Lukewarm protest-ants who claim they love Jesus and then dishonor His Mother.

Lukewarm scholars who study Scripture and then make a mockery of Jesus’ life.

Lukewarm Americans who are more interested in TV or going to the gym than getting on their knees to thank God for our blessings.

Lukewarm people who do not recognize the Sacrifice of Christ and instead want to chant their latest mantra or learn the newest yoga position.

Lukewarm … you fill in the blanks.

It is not just to St. Faustina that our Lord spoke these words.  If anyone doubts these revelations — especially protest-ants — Jesus has made it abundantly clear how much He detests lukewarm souls.

In the
Book of Apocalypse, the Lord, as the One who knows all things, states, to those who believe they can escape His inscrutable gaze, “I know thy works, that thou are neither cold, nor hot.  I would thou wert cold, or hot.  But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth”
Apocalypse 3:15-16.

As we continue our look around our world, it is becoming more and more apparent — especially within our own Church — that people, in regard to the Passion of Christ and His Sacrifice on the Cross, are neither cold nor hot.

They are lukewarm.

In regard to worship of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, people are becoming more and more neither cold nor hot.

They are lukewarm.

When it comes to honoring Mary and loving Her as the
Queen of Heaven and Earth, people are becoming more and more neither cold nor hot.

They are lukewarm.

When it comes to wanting Jesus’ Reign on Earth as it is in Heaven, people are neither cold nor hot.

They are lukewarm.

As we remember our great God’s Passion this Good Friday and the accomplishment of the Cross, let us not follow —
whether within the Church or without — those who are lukewarm.

That is the trap of the evil one.

A trap to repeat in our own lives the Kiss of Judas.

Let us not wound the
Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus as it was wounded that night on the first Holy Thursday by the Kiss of Judas no matter what bishop, priest, protest-ant, atheist, scholar, or any other lukewarm soul may try to lead us to do.  For the evil one, who uses any means possible, is looking for ways to take us all back to paganism — to those things that entrap us as human beings and eventually lead us, as Jesus showed St. Faustina in a vision, to hell.

Let us instead return the Passion of a Heart that is on fire with love for us.

Let us, as believers, remove the
Cup of Suffering from our Lord and remain in the Garden of Gethsemani with Him, deep in worship and prayer (especially for lukewarm souls), as we keep watch until the hour of His return so that we may remain in the abyss of His Mercy.

O Blood and Water which gushed forth as a
                                  Fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!

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