Agnus Dei Presents!
Is there scientific ‘proof’
of Mary’s Queenship?
It’s in the DNA!
In the 3rd Millennium, there is a scientific reality that has been completely overlooked as we seek to defend the Truths and dogmas of the Church.

In fact, this reality stems from one of the very “breakthroughs” the Church has condemned.

It was even meant, as far as believers are concerned, for evil.

But we can, as believers in the Lord — and as He does — turn this information into good!

The scientific breakthrough and information comes from an unlikely source:  it is stem cell research.

Scientists, in their agnostic (or even worse!) hearts, were seeking a way in this research to help women who have had abortions.

It had become apparent that many women suffer from a deep depression after an abortion.

This research, the investigators believed, could be useful in finding a cure for this and, it was hoped, to also find ways to help women who suffer from postpartum syndrome.

It became apparent early on to researchers that both abortion depression and postpartum syndrome obviously resulted from a woman’s body no longer interacting with a fetus within her womb.

Was there, then, a physical connection to this?

The findings of this research are mind-boggling and, we believe, have not yet been fully understood in the spiritual world.

What scientists discovered is that it is NORMAL for a woman’s body, as part of her defense system, to reject a baby in her womb because the child, in reality — just as in the case of any human transplant — is truly a foreign object.

So a woman’s body, they found, has a natural mechanism men do not have.

After conceiving, the first thing a woman’s body does is to physically take on and unite some of its own cells with the embryonic cells of the fetus.

Thus, as the child grows, the woman’s natural defense system is fooled:  it no longer considers the babe within the womb as a foreign object to be rejected and expelled, but believes the baby to be a NATURAL PART and parcel of the mother.

In this “ground-breaking” research, scientists made the most astounding discovery hitherto unknown:  the fact that the mother of any child never loses these embedded cells of fetus after birth or an abortion; the embryonic cells are never discarded!

This, they discovered, is the reason why many women can suffer from depression after giving birth or having an abortion.

And this is also the reason why women always have a strong feeling of oneness with their offspring — no matter how old or separated they or their children may become.

In this reality, this exchange of cells between the offspring and parent host can, some theorize, even have a connection as to why some mothers are instinctual when it comes to major events in their children’s lives; events such as an accident, unexpected death, or a serious need that is anticipated before, amazingly, even a phone call is received.

As long as the mother lives, and no matter how many children she may have, these cells, and their connection to her children, remain with her all the days of her life!

This is where we believe the spiritual world has not yet caught up to the scientific in the incredible importance this discovery has for the dogmas of the Church!

In what way?

By simply answering the question: 
“How did Jesus become Flesh?”

There is only one answer:  it was not only in the miraculous Power of the Holy Spirit as the only begotten Son of the Father took on His human Countenance, but
it was in the irrefutable fact that He was born through the Flesh of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary!

This leads to one inescapable scientific conclusion:  in order for Mary’s Body not to reject Jesus, She had to take on — permanently — some of our Lord’s embryonic cells — Divine cells which remained with Her all the days of Her life!

In this scientific reality, we can then understand spiritually that if Jesus’ Body could not taste corruption and was sinless, it then becomes apparent that it is absolutely essential that His human Mother would also not only share but NEED to have these qualities!


Because, again, Mary PHYSICALLY, in order not to reject the Incarnate Word, had the DIVINE cells of the Christ Child embedded within Her from the moment the Holy Spirit
“overshadowed” Her and “the Word was made Flesh”!

In this incredible Truth — proven by 21st-century research to be used to assist women in the wrong way — Mary could, therefore, NOT taste corruption nor sin for if She did, She had the incorruptible and sinless cells of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity!

Cells of God and destined by God NEVER to taste sin or corruption!

For Jesus as the “spotless”
Lamb of God could not be tainted with Original Sin!

Does this not begin to make “scientific” sense as to why Mary, in order not to reject the cells of the Lamb, could not, therefore, be tainted with Original Sin?  For the Divine cells would automatically reject Her since the Holy Spirit cannot tolerate sin of any kind!  For Mary to accept these Divine cells, Her own cells had to be without sin in order for their physical union to be accepted by the Holy! 

And Jesus, whose Body would not lay in the grave past 33 hours —
a fact proven by the Shroud as the Image of our Lord on the cloth shows He is in a state of rigor mortis; a state which, scientifically, disappears in the human body within 36 hours! — did not taste corruption before His Resurrection!

In this incredible knowledge provided by “modern science,” we can take this one step further.

Is it not logical then if the Divine cells could not be exposed to Original Sin, that Mary, who until the day of Her death, had the Holy Child’s Divine incorruptible cells within Her, could also NOT taste corruption after Her passing away?!

For if Her Body was corrupted, so would the Divine cells within Her be exposed to and tainted by this corruption!

In this scenario, Jesus’ Divine Flesh, still united to Mary, would then taste corruption!

Her Body, if allowed to corrupt as normal bodies do, would then bring corruption — a corruption which is only the result of sin —  to the cells of God made Man!  A corruption as a result of sin from which Jesus did not suffer!

No wonder the Greeks unwittingly call Mary’s Assumption Her “dormition” (a falling asleep as opposed to dying) for Mary could NOT remain in the ground lest Her Son’s Divine cells would be corrupted within Her!

This, we believe — and no one except the Lord Himself could convince us otherwise — is the clear, scientific proof for the absolute NECESSITY of God to assume Mary’s Body into Heaven!

While we are well aware of all the Divine and humanistic reasons for God to accomplish this great gift to His Queen, we believe this leaves those — whether secular, atheistic, agnostic or protest-ants — at the SCIENTIFIC disadvantage to explain away the Assumption of Mary!

A feast that goes hand in glove with Her Queenship!

For it is no longer a question of Scripture, dogma, belief, Sacred Tradition, or any other way that so many for so long have denied this incredible Truth.

It is now — in the 3rd Millennium — a question of how much the world believes in its “new” “religion”:  science.

For if people believe and automatically accept what science discovers, then they must also believe these findings of stem cell research are true not only for the women of today, but these realities extend their applicability to those women who lived in the past.

And we then, as believers, can apply the ultimate Truth:  Christ the same, yesterday, today and for ever!

In continuing this train of thought, we recognize that one must first believe in the
Kingship of Christ to believe in the Queenship of Mary; but we are now at a point in time where science — used for the evil of abortion — can be reversed and used for good.

Good for the dogmas of the Church.

The dogmas of the
Immaculate Conception, the Assumption and Queenship of Mary!

Mary is NOT God.

Mary is NOT Divine.

But Mary IS historically the Mother of Jesus.

And those who claim that Christ is their King can no longer deny that with the scientific reality of Jesus’ Divine cells remaining within Her, Mary is more than just a “sister.”

More than just an “average” human being.

Or more than just “someone,” “anyone” who could be the Mother of our Savior.

For even in Her royal lineage as an inheritor of King David’s bloodline, Mary also has yesterday, today and for ever, the royal cells of the King of Kings!

In both these Truths, Mary then is, and rightfully so, by physical necessity, the Queen who possess the King’s DNA and vice versa!

Mankind can continue to deny the reality of Christ as its King.

Shroud proves scientifically otherwise.

And protest-ants can continue to deny the reality of Mary as their Queen.

Stem cell research proves scientifically otherwise.

For it is, in the 3rd Millennium, that the  scientific “proof” that Mary, all the days of Her life, from the moment of Her Son’s Incarnation, contained within Her, the Divine cells of Her Holy Child!

And as True God and True Man, the
Kingship of Christ, in the DNA of His royal lineage as the Son of God and the Son of David cannot be denied.

In that DNA of the King of all kings is the scientific proof of the
Woman who sits at His Right Hand in Her rightful inheritance:  the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Daughter of Sion, Mother of God, and Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary!

For now we know, Mary’s Body was NEVER separated from Her Son’s!

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Feast of the Queenship of Mary
For the DNA aspects of what is known in medical science as ‘microchimerism,’ see
Dr. Diana Bianchi’s quote and research.