Agnus Dei Presents!
From the Brightest to the Blackest Day:
71 Years Makes the Difference
It was the brightest day in the history of the 20th Century.

It was the blackest just 71 years later.

There are many historical events which come in between these two days of light and darkness, but in the
Great Spiritual Battle, they are defining moments.

We are remembering the anniversary of each.

The first is a simple one for most believers; one that is hard to forget despite the fact that it does not appear on any calendar.

It is, of course, the
Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.  The day when God confirmed through this event that the messages that had been given to the three shepherd children were not their imagination, but truly from Heaven.

To ensure the world had enough evidence of this miracle, the Lord had 70,000 eyewitnesses on hand, including the secular media, to report the occurrence.

To further confirm the
Miracle of the Sun occurred on October 13, 1917, God had the Church do a thorough investigation, until 13 years later, on October 13, 1930, the bishop, in a report to the pope, approved the apparition and messages of the Blessed Virgin.

As time proverbially marched on, God would further grant us confirmation of Mary’s Fatima messages by, first, providing the “unknown” light that was predicted by the Mother of Jesus that would precede the next chastisement which we call World War II.

God, Almighty and Omnipotent, did not stop there.

He gave a faithless world the “coincidence” of Pope John Paul II being shot on May 13, 1981, the anniversary of the 1st apparition of the Blessed Virgin in 1917, and ensured the Holy Father’s life was saved because he was bending over to acknowledge a young lady wearing a “Fatima pin” when the first shot rang out.

The Lord then furthered His confirmation of Fatima by having the pope consecrate the world to the Immaculata as a result of this assassination attempt.  The subsequent peaceful fall of the Soviet empire can be directly traced to this historical Truth.

Knowing full well the faithless generation He was dealing with, God made a seventh attempt to assist the world in comprehending the message of His Mother at Fatima in 1917 was true and to be adhered to for the sake of each individual’s soul.

On May 13, 2000, in the
Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, John Paul II revealed the so-called “3rd Secret” of Fatima, ensuring the world was told that he was the pope Mary had given the children a vision of 86 years ago this year.

And what did the world do with all this information?

What did even some members of the Church do with it?

We all know that out of 6-billion-plus people, most ignored the evidence; most chose not to believe; most do not live the message of Fatima (which is not just the consecration of Russia, but
to pray the Rosary)!

Most people have not even given much thought to what Mary told the three children at Fatima that
“in the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!”

Whether people live this message of the Mother of God or ignore it, this event was the brightest day in the history of the 20th Century, and, as a result,
Fatima echoed throughout mankind’s movements right up to the pontiff consecrating the
3rd Millennium
before the pilgrim statue of Mary (depicting Her as She appeared to the children in 1917) on October 8, 2000.

But that was 1917 when God allowed His Mother to give us this more-than-profound message.

It was 71 years later — or
a reversal of the number 17 — when the evil one turned this brightness into the blackest day of the 20th Century.

For it was exactly on the anniversary of the
Miracle of the Sun that the “official” announcement was made by secular men.

Men who did not believe in Fatima.

Men who did not believe in the Catholic Church.

Men who did not believe in the
Shroud of Turin.

These men had a different purpose in history.

Theirs was not, as the Blessed Virgin, to bring a message of hope, love or Truth.

Theirs was to bring a message of deceit, error and lies

For on this date in 1988, exactly 71 years after the
Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, the secularists boldly pronounced to an awaiting world the “official” results of their carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin.

The very burial cloth of the true Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth.

After 10 years of intense study previously by scientists which ENDED on October 13, 1978, the prevailing and overwhelming research proved the cloth was an enigma. 
No one knew how the Image had been formed or what process brought it about.  Nor could any scientist recreate the Image.

What had been proven was that the
Shroud was NOT a painting.

In fact, the ancient linen depicted the Image of only ONE PERSON in the entire history of the world who could match the photographic negative that was before their eyes.

That person was the Son of Mary, Jesus of Nazareth!

The odds that the
Shroud of Turin would contain what is known as the Seven Signatures of Christ and NOT be the Image of Jesus have been calculated to be
282 billion to 1!

For the Image showed a true human being with real human blood that had been beaten about His Face; brutally scourged with a 1st-century Roman flagrum; crowned with a piercing object about their head; carrying a crossbeam across their back; falling three times with their hands tied behind their back; Crucified and nailed to a Cross through their wrists; and, finally, pierced through their Heart by a Roman lance causing a postmortem flow of blood.

The cloth also proved
no bones had been broken on this Individual and pollen from plants that only grow in Israel were found on the Shroud — such as one that grows a 2– to
3-inch-long spike, a perfect floral match for the Crown of Thorns.

But none of these facts stopped a pompous and intellectually dishonest group of men from a blasphemous moment in time.

On October 13, 1988, 71 years after the Miracle of Fatima, three men appeared before the world’s media to make a startling claim:  the
Shroud of Turin, they boldly stated, was a “medieval fake”!

With the date
“1260-1390” blatantly pictured behind them on a blackboard, Michael Tite of the British Museum and Edward Hall of Oxford University led the charge of the idiot’s brigade against the peer-reviewed Truths dozens of other respected scientists had discovered.

The fact that these men, including another bit player, had the audacity to make the unscientific leap from a carbon dating test to their claim that the
Shroud is a medieval painting is beyond the credibility of any self-respecting researcher.  For in no way does a carbon dating test have any validity to state scientifically whether an object is a “painting” or not.

Yet, these three idiots made that leap and the secular media bought it proverbially hook, line and stinker.

To show how prejudicial Hall was, some of the more intelligent journalists during their interview challenged “Teddy” (as Edward Hall was known) if the
Shroud was a medieval “fake,” how could he account for the bloodstains on the cloth?

In a telling response as to “Teddy’s” real agenda, he retorted that perhaps the stains on the
Shroud were “pig’s blood”!

Another proof of his unscientific approach to the greatest relic in the history of Christianity!

Edward “Teddy” Hall died recently.

Edward “Teddy” Hall has met the Individual whose stains of Passion he had the unmitigated gall to call
“pig’s blood.”

We wonder where “Teddy” is now and if he is comfortable?

Michael Tite continues to live today, unrepentant and avoiding to respond to any allegations that he — when alone with the minute samples of the
Shroud for the carbon dating test — switched the cloth cuttings with a medieval artifact to ensure the laboratories would come to a 13th-century “conclusion.”

That matters not.

For one day soon, Michael Tite, who smugly claimed the
Shroud was not the burial cloth of Christ will, like “Teddy,” have to face the one whose Holy Face and Passion he has rejected.

What is important for us as believers or non-believers to comprehend is the simple fact that

It has been proven to be wrong numerous times, from misdating Mayan artifacts by thousands of years to claiming remains of freshly killed mollusks are from millions of years ago!

And while that is enough to throw out the carbon dating of the
Shroud of Turin as false and inaccurate based on this method’s typical errors, the unique history of the cloth is enough to tell any self-respecting individual with common sense that the LAST test we should rely on for the date of the cloth is this deceiving scandalous one!

For this test truly does not measure carbon 14; in reality, it measures carbon 13, a molecule that is counted by BURNING the object to release both carbon 12 and carbon 14 molecules.  Based on the carbon 13 count, those who believe in this nonsense then
“GUESSTIMATE” the age of the test subject.

And that is why there are so many various dates given over the course of time for the same object by various different laboratories. 
For it is only a GUESS!

In the case of the
Shroud, it has survived numerous fires, the worst one occurring in 1532.  This fire was so intense that the silver casket the Shroud was housed in began to melt!  That means the fire was at least more than 900 degrees-plus centigrade, the melting point of silver.

As a cloth made of 100-percent linen, shouldn’t the fire alone have caused it to spontaneously combust?

But the
Shroud miraculously survived this fire; although it was completely contaminated with carbon as the smoke from the blaze seared through the casket.

What does carbon dating do to come to its inaccurate guesstimates?  It must BURN ITS SAMPLE to release carbon molecules.

That alone should have given the
Shroud a medieval date if there was any accuracy to this test as the fire it survived was in the Middle Ages.

That, however, is not the best scientific retort to the false reading of the 1988 carbon dating test used by the world to pretend the cloth is a medieval fabrication.

The most incredible and accurate observation comes from Dr. Thomas Phillips of Harvard University’s Nuclear Physics Laboratory.  Knowing that the
Shroud exhibits X-ray information on the cloth — such as showing the metacarpal bones of the hand in the Image — Phillips reasoned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to carbon date the Shroud!


Because it is a known fact that when X-rays are passed through neutrons, they become excited, and, as such, this throws off any capability to carbon date an object as neutrons appear to be much younger as a result of this exposure.  Since the Image on the
Shroud exhibits some form of emitted radiation, the neutrons of the cloth have obviously been excited and, naturally, would not show their true age to any scientific examination.

Again, this did not stop the evil-minded men of the British Museum and Oxford University.  (
Hmm, we wonder if any of them might belong to a masonic lodge, but since they won’t tell, how can we?)  And it is easy to call them “evil-minded” since not only did “Teddy” blaspheme the Lord’s Holy Blood on the Shroud, but no one corrected him nor came to our Savior’s defense on that blackest day of the 20th Century 15 years ago this month.

It was, instead, Judas who, once again, spoke.

For it is in the
Great Spiritual Battle that this event can truly find its place in mankind’s history.

How?  By asking ourselves some simple questions:

Is it a “coincidence” that the Lord’s burial cloth would be treated so irreverently by a group of men who made claims that have nothing to do with reality on the very day that a miracle proved His Mother had warned mankind that God was
“already much offended”?

It is a “coincidence” that this event would be a public spectacle exactly 71 years to the date of the Miracle God granted the world in 1917?

Can the evil one create like God or only mimic our Lord?

For believers, the answer is obvious, and we do not suggest, but
we proclaim boldly and loudly — as loudly and boldly as “Teddy” Hall and Michael Tite did in reverse 15 years ago — that the carbon dating test of the Shroud of Turin and its public pronouncement of an incorrect age was the devil’s way of reversing the incredible Truth of the Miracle of the Sun 71 years earlier.

For it was Jesus, as the
Sun of Justice, as the Transfigured One on Mount Tabor, who left His Resurrected Image on the Shroud of Turin for all to see and contemplate.

A miracle that is too profound for these idiots to recognize.

A miracle that was not meant to be treated irreverently or unholy as these men of the carbon dating test have done over the years.

There is a price to pay for this blasphemy.

It will not be dispensed by us.

“Teddy” Hall is already paying the price.

His cohort that originally insisted on the carbon dating test, one
Walter McCrone, is also paying this price.

Michael Tite has yet to pay it; but make no mistake, for the amount of souls he has turned off to the Truth of the
Shroud of Turin, he will pay it in full.

For God’s Justice will not be mocked.

And 71 years has made the difference between the brightest and blackest day of the 20th Century.

Michael Tite, Teddy Hall, Walter McCrone, Joe Nickell, and other
Shroud critics — who have fed and continue to feed the world lies about the burial cloth of Jesus based on this inaccurate and wrong carbon dating test, as well as other malicious falsehoods — are and will find out one by one just how dark that day 15 years ago is for each of them in Eternity.

Two already wish — and those two still living will as well — that they had followed the advice of
Our Lady of Fatima, shutting their lying deceitful mouths about the Shroud, and, instead, got on their knees to fervently pray the Rosary!

Agnus Dei Presents!
Edward ‘dead Teddy’ Hall, left; Michael Tite, center.
The Church in Chambery, France, scene of the 1532 fire.
Capt. Mario Trematore rescues the Shroud from a fire in 1997!