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St. Faustina:
The Greatest Prophet
of the 20th Century!
In the world today, there are those who have hijacked the Word of God for their own monetary or personal gain (does the word “rapture” come to mind?) — in reality, they are the very “false prophets” our Lord warned us about!

But while the Lord warned us to
“beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves,” He also stated that “by their fruits you shall know them” and “every good tree bringeth forth good fruit” Matthew 7:15-17.

How, then, can we know the
“good tree” that brings forth good fruit”?

Is it not the ability to foretell the future?

Is this not the defining line between a true prophet vs. a
“false prophet”?

Although the Scriptures contain many utterances of prophets whose prophecies have been fulfilled, again, many in the world today will not listen; some even claiming that the prophecy was written AFTER the event!

Our God, however, leaves nothing to chance.

There will be no excuse for those who claim the Bible was written too long ago for it to be relevant for them today.

For as the
King of Mercy He has ensured we have a prophet for our times.

One who has proven they wrote
“under Divine influence in the Name of God” and who “learned of future events from God and consciously announces them as such,” as the 1951 Holy Trinity Bible’s dictionary proclaims.

One who has proven their percentage rate of major prophetic utterances has been correct two out of three times!

Considering that their writings were well known and documented prior to their death and both prophetic events occurred AFTER their demise, it proves beyond a shadow of doubt that not only could this person NOT change or alter their predictions, but only God Himself could have ensured they came to pass!

While there are other events that could be discussed regarding this prophet, we have chosen these two because they are precursors to the third prophecy — a prophecy which has yet to come to pass.

What are the two that have?

The first involves a sad prediction — one that has come to pass in proverbial spades.

From the prophet’s writings:

“Towards the end of the Way of the Cross, which I was making, the Lord Jesus began to complain about the souls of religious and priests, about the lack of love in chosen souls.

‘I will allow convents and churches to be destroyed.’

I answered, ‘Jesus, but there are so many souls praising You in convents.’

The Lord answered,
‘That praise wounds My Heart, because love has been banished from convents.  Souls without love and without devotion, souls full of egoism and self-love, souls full of pride and arrogance, souls full of deceit and hypocrisy, lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep them alive:  My Heart cannot bear this!

‘All the graces that I pour out upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock.  I cannot stand them, because they are neither good or bad.  I called convents into being to sanctify the world through them.  It is from them that a powerful flame of love and sacrifice should burst forth.

‘And if they do not repent and become enkindled by their first love, I will deliver them over to the fate of this world …
[note:  this is the Lord’s own ellipsis, leaving out exactly what that “fate” is!]

‘How can they sit on the promised Throne of Judgment to judge the world, when their guilt is greater than the guilt of the world?  There is neither penance nor atonement.’

‘When I tried to intercede for them, I could find nothing with which to excuse them, and being at the time, unable to think of anything in their defense, my heart was seized with pain and I wept bitterly’ ”
Notebook VI, 1702.

We have spoken of this before.

Is this not the situation in the Church today?

The scandal, the closing of convents and churches speak for themselves!

The second prediction which has come true forms the balance to the first one.

It is about an event that we, as believers, take for granted today.

But it was not so during the prophet’s time.

The prophet saw that there would be a period of darkness before the Light would shine through!

Again, from the prophet’s writings:

“Once as I was talking with my spiritual director, I had an interior vision — quicker than lightning — of his soul in great suffering, in such agony that God touches very few souls with such fire!  The suffering arises from this work.  There will come a time when this work, which God is demanding so very much, will be as though utterly undone.  And then God will act with great power, which will give evidence of its authenticity.  It will be a new splendor for the Church, although it has been dormant in it from long ago.  That God is infinitely merciful, no one can deny.  He desires everyone to know this before He comes again as Judge.  He wants souls to come to know Him first as King of Mercy.  … When will this happen?  I do not know.  How long will it last?  I do not know”
Notebook I, 378.

As those officials who will examine the life and
“this work” of this prophet and Saint will attest, “the vision concerns [her Confessor]  who was to suffer greatly because of the destruction of the devotion to the Divine Mercy.  The prediction was almost literally fulfilled.  Decree No. 65/52 of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, dated November 28, 1958, and a notification of March 6, 1959, prohibited the spreading of the devotion to the Divine Mercy in the form given by [the prophet].

“As a result, the images which had been hung in many churches were removed.  Priests stopped preaching about the Divine Mercy.  [Her Confessor] was severely admonished by the Holy See and suffered many other troubles in connection with the spreading of the devotion of the Divine Mercy.  …  It appeared that the Work of Mercy, so much recommended by [the prophet], had been destroyed and would never rise again.  ...

“Since the first part of her prophecy was fulfilled almost literally, it can be supposed that the remainder of it will also be fulfilled”
Footnote 89.

Those words, footnotes to the prophet’s diary, were written years before the fulfillment!

A fulfillment which will come about in the mid-1990s and culminate in the
Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy 2000 Anno Domini!

God acted
“with great power,” and gave “evidence of its authenticity,” when in 1995, the Holy Father, John Paul II, the Divine Mercy Pope — saved from an assassination attempt by the Mother of Mercy — who, unknowingly, lived just a few miles from the prophet when both were in Poland in the 1930s, called for the celebration of the Divine Mercy Feast.

“This work,” the Divine Mercy Feast, became “a new splendor for the Church, although it [was] dormant in it from long ago.”

Then, in the Year 2000, upon the prophet’s canonization, the celebration of
Divine Mercy became a universal feast in which “no one can deny” “that God is infinitely merciful.”


“He desires everyone to know this before He comes again as Judge.  He wants souls to come to know Him first as King of Mercy.”

“ … before He comes again as Judge.”

The Triple Crown of the prophet’s prophecies.

For in the same writings where one discovers two incredible prophecies have already come to pass — the destruction of convents and churches, and then the institution of the
Feast of Divine Mercy — this third and most important prediction is made:

“Write this:  before I come as the Just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy.  Before the Day of Justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of
this sort:

“all light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole Earth.  Then the Sign of the Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the Hands and the Feet of the Savior were nailed will come forth great lights
which will light up the Earth for a period of time.  This will take place shortly before
the last day”
Notebook I, 83.

If we are unsure of the timeframe in which our Lord speaks, He clarifies it for us in this regard:

“I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy.  If they will not adore My Mercy, they will perish for all Eternity.  Secretary of My Mercy [as the Lord referred to His prophet!], write, tell souls about this great Mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My Justice is near!” Notebook II, 965.

Has the
Feast of Divine Mercy in “great power” and in “evidence of its authenticity” not already occurred in the Great Jubilee Year 2000, when, not only was the feast instituted throughout the Church, but the Jubilee Doorsa Divine Mercy Feast unto themselves — were opened wide around the world for 13 mercy-filled months?

Need another “witness” to the Truth of this yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecy regarding the return of the
Just Judge?

In 1936, the Mother of God spoke to the prophet and stated:

“I gave the Savior to the world; as for you, you have to speak to the world about His great Mercy and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful Savior, but as a Just Judge!  Oh, how terrible is that day!  Determined is the Day of Justice, the day of divine wrath!  The Angels tremble before it!”
Notebook II, 635.

It was the second time the Virgin Mother of Jesus had spoken thus to the prophet, telling her just seven days before the
Feast of the Annunciation that she must be “pleading for humanity and preparing the world for the Second Coming of God” Notebook II, 625.

Later, in the same year just before the Holocaust of World War II, the Lord will again confirm the season for the prophet:

“ … My daughter, speak to the world about My Mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable Mercy.  It is a sign for the end times.; after it will come the Day of Justice”
Notebook II, 848.

As if to ensure the prophetic nature of His
“daughter’s” work, the Lord — looking not only at the present of then-1934 but to the future, the time in which the Feast of the Divine Mercy is instituted, yet not celebrated by those “lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep them alive” — states:  “And who knows anything about this feast?  No one!  Even those who should be proclaiming My Mercy and teaching people about it often do not know about it themselves!” Notebook I, 341.

If there be any doubt lingering in the hearts of those who do not believe, the Lord will address the very nature of mankind’s failure to turn to Him with these words; words that negate those who ask,
“Where is God in this violent world of ours?”

Jesus tells His prophet: 
“Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy!” Notebook I, 300.


“when a soul praises My goodness, satan trembles before it and flees to the very bottom of hell!” Notebook I, 378.

But we, as a creation, have not turned to His Mercy.

The world does not praise His

And most parishes throughout the Church —
as evident by their inaction again this year — ignore the feast of His Divine Mercy.

Where does that leave us?

As we have often stated, we cannot look at history, time or events, through the eyes of mankind.

We must look at them through the eyes of our Creator.

A Creator who has told us specifically
“that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day” II Peter 3:8.

In 1938, this bona-fide Church-approved 20th-century prophet of God —
St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, the Lord’s “Secretary of Mercy” — died.

She had been, according to Jesus, the protector of Poland as she prayed for her native country.  A nation whose capital,
Warsaw, was, at that time, the abortion capital of Europe!

One year later after her death, the prophet’s native land would be invaded by the forces of one of the vilest antichrists who ever lived.  Without the prayers on Earth of the
Secretary of Mercy, Poland received the full brunt of the chastisement for sin as Our Lady of Fatima warned in Her 1917 prophecies:  war!

It is now 65 years after her death and five years since St. Faustina’s canonization.

Out of the Heart of our Lord’s
Divine Mercy and the ashes of His Secretary’s native Poland will come — miraculously saved from the hands of the nazi antichrist — the Divine Mercy Pope!

A pope who will institute the
Divine Mercy Feast, just 10 years ago!

Yet, in that short time since St. Faustina’s death, two out of three of her major prophecies have come to pass.

Both the scandal of the religious orders and the universal institution of the
Divine Mercy Feast in the Great Jubilee Year are historical facts.

They cannot be denied.

There is but one prophecy that remains

The Second Coming of our Lord and Savior — not as the King of Mercy, but as He predicted:  the Just Judge!

We can pretend that it isn’t so.

We can make-believe that it’s all just “coincidence.”

We can even take the road that claims, like critics and skeptics do regarding the Scriptures, the writings have been changed to fit events.

None of these beliefs will hold before the
Throne of Judgment.

Especially in light of the fact that
it is Jesus — not anyone else — who said specifically that His Secretary of Mercy’s writings were a “sign for the end times.”

And as a second witness before Heaven, His Mother told the prophet that she was to prepare “the world for the Second Coming of God!”

In light of the odds that two-out-of-three predictions have already come to pass, are we willing to bet these are just idle words of Heaven?

Or should we, instead, place our “bets” on the Triple Crown of Divine Mercy?

For the Lord in the
Great Jubilee Year has truly already come as the promised King
of Mercy

And the world has ignored and continues to ignore that coming.

Today, most souls sleep through the race of their lifetime, even though our Lord warned us the
Divine Mercy messages are a “sign for the end times.”

We are in the end of the race, a race humans can ill-afford to ignore — for there is not much time left on the stopwatch as we are into the home stretch.

Let us not then, ignore the Lord’s Words as He has written them through His Secretary as we strive to run the race, to finish the course and receive the prize.

For He wants us to persevere no matter how the coming years may darken our hopes.

A darkness which, as He warns, no one should
“place within their own hearts obstacles to My Mercy, which so greatly wants to act within them.  …  Let souls who are striving for perfection particularly adore My Mercy, because the abundance of graces which I grant them flows from My Mercy.  I desire that these souls distinguish themselves by boundless trust in My Mercy.  …  The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive.  Souls that trust boundlessly are a great comfort to Me, because I pour all the treasures of My graces into them.  I rejoice that they ask for much, because it is My desire to give much, very much”
Notebook V, 1578.

Great graces that will enable us to persevere through this race in, as He has spoken,
“end times.”

“end times” not of false prophets and “raptures,” but the last days of God’s
continued Mercy.

Days of Mercy which no one — not even the prophet during her sojourn on Earth — knows how long they may last before the “Day of Justice, the day of divine wrath” begins; the day in which “the Angels tremble before it!”

Let us, therefore, be diligent,
“ready to be sacrificed,” having “fought a good fight,” in which we “finished [our] course,” and “kept the faith” II Timothy 4:6-7.

A faith in His unfathomable
Divine Mercy — the God-given prophetic sign for the end times.

“As to the rest, there is laid up for
[us] a Crown of Justice, which the Lord, the Just Judge, will render to [us] in that day:  and not only to [us], but to them also that love His coming.  [Lord Jesus] make haste to come to [us] quickly!” II Timothy 4:8.

In order to ensure this wreath — to secure this
Crown of Justicebefore the Just Judge returns, let us remember, as we have been inspired to call it, the Triple Crown of Mercy His Secretary — St. Faustina, the greatest prophet of the 20th Century — has recorded for us and, as she recommends, exercise at least one once a day.  First:

“the merciful word, by forgiving and by comforting; secondly, if you can offer no word, then pray — that, too, is mercy; and thirdly, deeds of mercy.  And when the Last Day comes, we shall be judged from this, and on this basis we shall receive the eternal verdict.  God’s floodgates have been opened for us.  Let us take advantage of them before the day of God’s Justice arrives.  And that will be a dreadful day!” Notebook III, 1158-59.

For when that
“dreadful day” arrives for those who — by not running in this Triple Crown of Mercy race — did not finish the “course,” the King of Mercy warns:  “Oh, how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God’s Mercy!  You will call out in vain, but it will be too late” Notebook V, 1448.

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