Agnus Dei Presents!
Can We — and Do We Wish to — Be Part of
the Greatest Achievement of Any Vicar?
It could have been under the pontificate of any pope who reigned when a dogma was pronounced.

It could have been under the pontificate of any pope who reigned when an approved message was given to the people of God by Jesus, Mary or any Saint.

It could have been under the pontificate of Sylvester II when the first millennium was succeeded by the second.

But it was reserved for the 3rd Millennium.

The Third Day on Heaven’s time clock.

The greatest achievement of any vicar was reserved for the 264th successor to the greatest pope who ever lived, the Lord’s Apostle Peter.

We can call him John Paul “the Great” for 25 years of unfailing service to Mary.

For canonizing the greatest number of Saints in the history of the Church.

For proclaiming and instituting the message of
Divine Mercy.

For being the first pontiff since Peter to visit the holy places where our Lord lived, died and Resurrected Himself.

For reconciling Israel with the Church.

For surviving so heroically an assassination attempt.

For fulfilling and proclaiming the Truth of the Fatima message.

For ensuring the downfall of the atheistic “evil empire” of Soviet communism through the consecration of Russia.

For condemning the culture of death and proclaiming the culture of life.

For overseeing the greatest event in
Divine Mercy history, the Great Jubilee Year.

For proclaiming the
Year of the Rosary and instituting the Mysteries of Light.

For any other number of incredible achievements —
despite some glaring failures that so many want to ignore or sweep under the rug (like failing to address the heresy of bishops, priests, liturgical and Eucharistic abuses, and a sex abuse scandal that continues to rock the Rock of Peter)!

But none of the good nor the bad can compare to his greatest achievement.

An achievement because —
at Heaven’s design — he was in the right place at the right time.

An achievement that no one in the Church seems to speak of and many not only do not know it occurred but, even if they do, refuse to recognize it as an occurrence.  Or to accept it as an occurrence of outrageous significance.

For unlike Sylvester II, John Paul II took special advantage of the changing of the millennium.

The changing of the proverbial guard.

Perhaps if Sylvester II had done the same, we would not have gone from the Joyful Mysteries of the 1st Millennium to the Sorrowful Mysteries of the second.

But John Paul II — as Mary’s pope — did something no one else in the history of the papacy ever did.

He consecrated not a nation, not a people, not an individual, but a millennium!

And he did it with two consecutive ceremonies.

Two consecutives ceremonies that will, very quickly
if we but ask, bring us out of the Sorrowful Mysteries and into the fullness of the Glorious!

Three years ago, October 7, John Paul II led the faithful — including the largest gathering of cardinals and bishops since Vatican II — in the recitation of the Rosary.  And, as the pope
of Mary’s secret, he ensured that the surviving seer of Fatima, Sister Lucy, led the crowd in
St. Peter’s praying the last
Glorious Mystery of the Rosary:  the crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth!

It was an interesting day; a day, as eyewitnesses in which we personally saw the storm clouds of the city dissipate; not over Rome, but only over St. Peter’s Square!  Umbrellas carried by the crowd were no longer necessary in the piazza.  And the Holy Father had also ensured that the pilgrim statue of Fatima — with the bullet from the would-be assassin lodged in its Crown — was there to also witness the event.

An event that culminated on the next day.

October 8, 2000.

A day when 1,400 cardinals, bishops and thousands of the faithful would join John Paul II in not only the celebration of Mass and the Eucharist, but
a prayer of consecration before the statue of Mary as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

The Woman of Fatima!

“Woman, behold Thy son!” John Paul prayed on his knees before Mary’s image and all who witnessed the event.

“Here, then, are Your children, gathered before You at the dawn of the new millennium.  The Church today, through the voice of the Successor of Peter, in union with so many pastors assembled here from every corner of the world, seeks refuge in Your Motherly protection and trustingly begs Your intercession as she faces the challenges which lie hidden in the future.  Today we wish to entrust [put in charge of; authorize; give the custody of; hand over; turn over; commit, etc.] to You the future that awaits us and we ask You to be with us … .  Here we stand before You to entrust to Your Maternal care ourselves, the Church, the entire world. …  O Mother, You know the sufferings and hopes of the Church and the world:  come to the aid of Your children in the daily trials which life brings to each, and grant that … the darkness will not prevail over the Light.  To You, O Dawn of Salvation, we commit our journey through the new Millennium … .”

With those words of a survivor who knows in his heart that it was only through the Motherly intercession of Mary, Most Holy, that he survived the assassination attempt two decades earlier, John Paul II cried out again for all of mankind,
“Mary, my Mother!”

Mary, OUR Mother!

And what have we done with this, the greatest achievement of John Paul the Great?

What priest has spoken of it since?

What bishop?

What cardinal?

The Church, as it continues to be the “wimp” it has become, remains silent.

And it silences others as well, demanding “obedience” from the innocent like Gianna Sullivan. A woman who, before the
Jubilee Year, was considered a visionary.  A woman who, unlike so many fallen bishops and priests, brought the people of God back to a focus on the Eucharist, Divine Mercy and the Mother of God.

But she erred politically when she publicly stated that the Holy Child would soon act to defend His Mother.

Gianna claimed that the event would occur in October of the
Great Jubilee Year.

The month came and went — and when nothing out of the “ordinary” occurred, the local and his advisory board later ruled against Gianna, claiming her messages were not to be believed and she was to stop giving them.  (
Does this remind one of the way they have treated Father Gobbi and St. Faustina before him?)

Gianna, in “obedience,” silenced herself, but refused to recant the messages she said were given to her.

And we say the local and his advisory board are the ones who have failed in their duty to spiritually ascertain what the Truth of the matter is.

For, once again, the Church, in its bureaucracy — in its fear to be seen wrong in “date-setting,” in its lack of spiritual discernment since the liturgical abuses of the last 40 years have diminished the Spirit of God working within a hierarchy that can’t even comprehend that priests who commit abuse have no right to be within the priesthood at any level — failed to comprehend the Work of God.

Or, as it should rightfully be called and the hardest concept of anyone in or outside of the Church to comprehend: 
the Work of God as the Holy Child!

For the task of defending the Virgin has been given by the Eternal Father not to His Son as our
Sacred Heart Jesus of Mercy, nor to Her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, as the Wisdom of the Lord, but to the Incarnate Word as the Son of Mary!

The Holy Child!

The Infant Jesus!

In the defense of His Mother, the Woman
who is His Throne, the Holy Child loves to set things up!

And on October 8, 2000 the Holy Child set it up as the reputation, honor and glory of His Mother is at stake after the
Vicar of Christ put in charge of, authorized, gave the custody of, handed over, turned over, and committed the 3rd Millennium to the Virgin as the Queen of Peace — a title bestowed on Her just before Her 1st apparition as the Woman Clothed With the Sun at Fatima in 1917!

Now we are 3 years into the 3rd Millennium of the 3rd Day on God’s time clock.

It is now — using our formula that God gave us that a day is but a thousand years and a thousand years but a day — 9 hours since the Holy Child made His Kingly presence known as the Infant of Prague in 1623 (380 years divided by 41.666 years; 41.666 being the equivalent of 1 hour on this special heavenly time clock).

Is it a “coincidence” that in this 380-year devotion to the Infant of Prague it is the same time frame as the famous 9-hour novena?!

Using our heavenly formula once again, it is now approximately 2 hours since the Holy Child appeared privately to Sister Lucy, the surviving seer of Fatima.  And what was that apparition all about? 
The Holy Child, now as a 12-year-old, asked Sister Lucy what was she doing to honor His Mother!

Gianna Sullivan got in trouble with the Church when she stated that in the
Great Jubilee Year the Holy Child was going to do something to defend His Mother.

We say Gianna was right and the local wrong!

The Holy Child has set up His defense of the
Queen of Peace by ensuring His vicar has first consecrated the 3rd Millennium to Mary’s Immaculate Heart!  While He did not need to do it, this, of course, gives Mary’s Son the total right to take action!

But where is that action?

We must stop thinking of time in human comprehension.

We must think of time in Heaven’s comprehension!

It is now only 3 years — or less than 5 minutes! — since that event of October 8 in the
Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy.

When we witnessed it, we felt it!

That event was not ordinary — it was extraordinary!

The Holy Father lit a torch — the torch of the
Triumph of the Immaculata!

And that is another modus operandi of the Holy Child:  what seems to be insignificant, such as His appearance as the Infant of Prague, becomes almost invisible yet denotes His omnipotent Presence.  His Mother’s Torch is invisible, yet it carries Her Son’s omnipotence!

We can — and we’re sure most of the Church, especially the hierarchy will — continue to ignore this act of John Paul II and place no significance at all in it.

Or we can recognize the great test the Holy Child is putting the world through as history bears witness to the fact that mankind has not turned en masse to His Mother of Mercy for its adoption as Her son.

Unlike Mary who gave Her fiat to God, the world continues to pursue its own will.

War, whether in Israel, Iraq or the home front we call America, is reigning.

Not the
Queen of Peace.

And, therefore, the reputation, honor and glory of the Holy Child’s Mother is at stake.

So, also, is the reputation, honor and glory of the Holy Child before all the heavenly court.  For it is His charge to defend
Our Lady of Victory.

We can continue to “pass over” the greatest achievement of John Paul II.

We can continue to laud him as a beloved pontiff.

We can continue to pray to God to maintain the health of the pope for the next 25 or 1,000 years.

We can continue to tell Mary we love Her and
ask selfishly for Her to intercede in all our personal needs.

We can continue to tell Jesus we love Him but only as our
Sacred Heart in His Divine Mercy manifestation, not as the Holy Child, King of All Nations!

Or we can be part of the greatest achievement of any vicar that ever lived and DEMAND that the Holy Child defend His Mother!

“Demand,” you say?!!!

“We have no right to ‘demand’ anything of God!” many will retort.

And that is where we as a Church are terribly WRONG!

For we are not demanding something for ourselves.

We are not demanding something that is NOT of His own Will.

We are not demanding something that has not already been promised us from His Mother’s own Voice during the Miracle of Fatima.

We are demanding one thing and one thing only:

that the Holy Child, who has enjoyed a 9-hour heavenly novena from the faithful since 1623, do what He has been charged to do by His own Eternal Father.

In that “demand,” we join the diplomatic language of the vicar and as adopted sons of Mary ask the Holy Child to get on His high horse and ride into town to clean up His Footstool!

And we ask that the 12-year-old Jesus once found in the Temple of His Father and that Sister Lucy saw but two hours ago on Heaven’s time clock now return as the 13-year-old He is — nine hours since He appeared as an Infant in 1623, and now of age to Reign as the
Son of David and our King!

“And he said to me:  ‘Write:  Blessed are they that are called to the marriage of the supper of the Lamb. [and who is the Lamb, but the Holy Child?!] And he saith to me:  These Words of God are true. … And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and with Justice doth He judge and fight. …  And the Armies that are in Heaven followed Him on white horses … .  And out of His mouth proceedeth a sharp two-edged Sword; that with it, He may strike many nations.  And He shall rule them with a rod of iron … ” Apocalypse 19:9-15.

“And She brought forth a male Child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron … ”
Apocalypse 12:5.

We can pretend that these verses do not relate to the Holy Child.

We can pretend that Jesus was just fooling around when He appeared as the Infant of Prague in His Kingly robes.

We can pretend that Mary was just joking when She said that in the end Her Immaculate Heart would Triumph.

We can pretend that the warnings of La Salette do not fit the Church today.

We can pretend that
Our Lady of All Nations is just an aberration.

We can pretend that it was “coincidence” that Mary told Father Gobbi John Paul is the pope of the secret she revealed to the children of Fatima and that he was subsequently shot on the anniversary of the first apparition and that the pope would make the exact same observation when revealing the so-called “3rd secret” in the
Great Jubilee Year.

We can pretend that the
King of All Nations devotion is not from a true “visionary.”

We can pretend that the Jubilee Year and the messages given to St. Faustina that soon Christ will come as the
Just Judge have no correlation.

We can pretend that the critics are right and the messages of Garabandal are wrong when the “visionaries” claim that John Paul II is the pope of the
“end times.”

We can pretend that Chernobyl is not the Wormwood of Apocalypse.

We can pretend that the World Trade Center attack is not bespoken of in Chapter 18 of the Apocalypse.

We can pretend that the masonic madonna is not the harlot of Babylon.

We can pretend that the messages of
Our Lady of America have no meaning and do not fit the state of our nation.

We can pretend that the Church is right and Gianna Sullivan a phony.

We can pretend that the Holy Child does not exist and He’s just a figment of a lot of holy people’s imaginations.

We can pretend that the consecration of the 3rd Millennium by John Paul has had no impact in the
Great Spiritual Battle and is a “non event.”

Or we can comprehend that we are deep into the end times spoken of not by protest-ant preachers, but by Jesus and Mary in long-ago Church-approved messages!

As such, we can mark the greatest achievement of Pope John Paul II on its 3rd anniversary by not asking, but demanding that the
King of All Nations, Jesus as the Holy Child — who will rule with a much-needed rod of iron — return to defend His Mother’s honor not only under Her title as the Queen of Peace, but as the Queen of the 3rd Millennium!

And we can demand — if we wish to be counted by Heaven as part of the greatest achievement of any vicar — that the Holy Child not wait one more minute on Heaven’s time clock for Him to mount His white horse and
“with Justice” “judge and fight”!

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!