Agnus Dei Presents!
Resurrection Secret:
the Shroud
Proves How Long
Jesus Was
in the Tomb!
There are many irrefutable Truths about the Shroud of Turin.

Each and every one has its own story to tell and gives more than abundant proof for the Passion, Death, and, as we say so often, most importantly, the Resurrection of Christ!

Yet, the world — following the father of lies — continues to disbelieve, just as the world, even when Jesus manifested Himself after His death on His Cross, did not believe almost 2,000 years ago.

If the world could Crucify the Light, what can we expect the world to do with a cloth that is only a REFLECTION of that great Light?
While the skeptics make so many ridiculous public claims, there is one particular proof of our Lord’s Resurrection that is recorded on the Shroud that most people do not know about.  Nor is it usually discussed in public debates about this incredible cloth.

This proof is so outrageous that it absolutely makes a mockery of those who dare make the claim that the
Shroud is a “forgery,” a “painting,” “woven in the Middle Ages,” or any other such nonsense.  It proves these people are nothing more than liars who do not understand peer-reviewed science and are following — whether they know it or not — the same father of lies that so many other people followed when Jesus walked the Earth.

What is this evidence for one of the most amazing scientific Truths of the

Jesus’ Body — according to every medical expert, including coroners who have personally examined the cloth — is in a state of rigor mortis.

Rigor mortis —
“stiffness of death” in Latin — is normal and something every human body goes through after dying.  It is that period of time when the body is so stiff no limbs or other parts can be moved.

But there is another side to rigor mortis that most people do not know about.

It is the fact that after 36 hours — it does not matter who you are or how you died — rigor mortis no longer lingers in the body.  The body becomes pliable and the limbs can once again be moved.

Why is this important when it comes to the
Shroud of Turin?

It reinforces the fact this ancient linen is truly the burial cloth of Christ because the Image of Jesus’ Body, showing our Lord in a state of rigor mortis, cannot be faked!

Rigor mortis is not an artistic trick.  It is something that can only happen if a body really dies.  Yet, this Body, and
only this Body, has incredibly left its dead, Crucified and then Resurrected Image on a cloth!

How can medical experts tell Jesus is in a state of rigor mortis?

Jesus’ Head is still bent and His knees remain in the Crucifixion position.

If Jesus’ Body was not in a state of rigor mortis when the Image on the
Shroud was made, His knees — from the force of gravity — would no longer be bent and His Head would not tilt forward, but back.

In fact, if anyone even tries to get into the position of the Image that scientists study on the
Shroud of Turin, they will find it is physically impossible!

The reason?

Any person who tries this experiment is alive and has not been exercising their body on a cross for 3 intensive hours, trying desperately to breathe, and then, quickly going into a state of rigor mortis after dying.

Remember, Jesus’ Body is already half-dead on His Way to the Cross, so it does not take long for His human form to succumb to its natural course once He gave up His Spirit.

Why is the fact that Jesus is in a state of rigor mortis important?


This means there is no doubt that the Image on the cloth was made before 36 hours transpired, which perfectly fits with the Gospels that state ON the 3rd Day He rose!

In reality, most experts agree that Jesus was probably in the Tomb for less than 36 hours as there is no sign of abatement regarding the rigor mortis in His Body.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof positive of the Resurrection of Christ!

Jesus, who died at 3:00 p.m. on that first Good Friday, was — as the Orthodox tradition in the Church has long held for 2,000 years — out of His entombment by midnight on Saturday!

At the first nanosecond of Sunday, the 3rd Day, the Son of God rose from the grave victorious over death and the enemy of mankind:  the father of lies.

If we calculate the amount of time that Jesus was physically dead until the moment of His Resurrection, the
Shroud proves that it was not more than 36 hours!

Our God, who is not a God of numerology but is a God of symbology, walked this Earth for 33 years.

From the time of His death on a Cross at 3:00 p.m. until the midnight hour separating Saturday from Sunday is a grand total of 33 hours!


A significant number to Jesus.

Jesus was not in His Tomb for more than 33 hours when the Holy Spirit, the Author of Life, came upon the Body of Christ and Resurrected our Lord and Savior.  At that moment in time, the Soul of Christ was reunited with His Body leaving the Image we see today on the

That event, the Resurrection of Christ — just as Sacred Tradition states that the Lord was born at midnight — occurred at the stroke of midnight!

33 years and 33 hours.

In the hidden secrets of the
Shroud of Turin, the Lord has left no scientific or medical doubts to hinder a dying world’s need for the proof of Jesus’ Resurrection!

But is the world listening?

The answer is obvious.

For those who are believers, however, there is no need to doubt.

We only need to look at the
Shroud and its shadowy Image to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that
He IS Risen!

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