Dealey Plaza, as seen from the air,
revealing its ‘compass’ signature.
Agnus Dei Presents!
Who Murdered JFK:
Will New Book With
White House Connection Expose It All?
We were going to write this article for the date most apropos, which is, of course, November 22, the 40th year since that incredible, outrageous day in Dallas.

A full generation since the event that has brought unprecedented changes in the nature of American life.

But in our meanderings around the net, we were intrigued that a new book is going to be released at the end of this month, pointing the finger at who the author believes is the person most responsible for the horrific murder of John F. Kennedy; an assassination that occurred in full view of the American public.

Because of this new book, we decided to present our perspective on this earth-shattering event previous to the release of what, on the surface, appears to be a believable conclusion.

The conclusion the author drives home makes it all the more respectable as today, the writer’s father is none other than the current White House spokesman for the president!

This could lead one to believe or accept that there may be “insider” information that brought the author to his — as time marches on — logical conclusion as to the ultimate source(s) behind the murder of JFK.  Or, at the very least, the ultimate source of the cover-up.

In reviewing the article on this work, we decided to go ahead with ours so that all can compare what we have believed for a few decades with what new “revelations” may come from the latest “conspiratorial” charges contained within the new tome.

To begin with, it is essential — no matter what the new work may entail — to remember that the ultimate concept of that elusive group known as the “illuminati” is the enthronement of the evil one as the “god” of this planet.

To enthrone our Lord’s enemy, there were three activities deemed necessary to “accomplish” their evil task:  the creation of new matter (which occurred on July 16, 1945 when
trinitite was brought forth out of the nuclear experiment); the retrieval and bringing back to Earth of primordial matter from another planet (which was a fait accompli as result of the “apollo” mission in 1969; and, finally, the public assassination of a “king.”

As we have stated before, we do not, for a second, believe in any of this nonsense.

The point is, THEY DO!

And in the
Great Spiritual Battle, FAITH — belief —  is everything, whether used for evil or good!  For it empowers people to act one way or the other!  As an example, hitler had faith — belief he was destined by occult spiritual forces to usher in the “Third Reich” (Third Kingdom) — and he used this empowerment in, as we all know, horrifically evil ways.

And so it is around the world, with people not even knowing they are involved!

As Mary so eloquently stated as
Our Lady of America, “Dear child, evil is so insidious it often passes for good!”

But no one in their right mind could find any good in this evil.

In the most photographed murder of the century, the
“king of Camelot” was gunned down on November 22, 1963 in full view of every American for time immemorial.

As a warning to anyone who might get in the way of those whose agenda and purposes they believe to be “unstoppable,” as they continued their “enthronement” activities during this time frame, the brains of John Fitzgerald Kennedy were splattered open for every schoolchild, parent, politician, and citizen of the world to take note.

And it was a bonus that the “king” was Catholic!

Now before anyone thinks that we are defending the slain president as a “martyr” or even a good Catholic, please don’t accuse us of such nonsense.

We all know that Kennedy, like of all us, was a sinner.

But in the enthronement of the evil one, there are far more bonus points for murdering a Catholic “king” —
a man who did believe enough to go to Mass and receive Holy Communion — than a protest-ant, hindu, islamic, or other leader who does not believe in nor receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

This assassination is in a time frame when, after the nuclear holocaust in Japan and the Holocaust (
“burnt offering”) of Israel by the nazis, the believers in lucifer were making great headway.

There was even, according to former priest, Jesuit and papal confidant, Malachi Martin, an enthronement ceremony of the evil one on June 29, 1963, just five months before the unleashing of the assassin(s’) bullets against a Catholic “king.”

Six years later, rocks from our sister planet, the moon — as envisioned by JFK who, unwittingly assisted in his rousing speech to put a man on the lunar surface — were brought back to Terra Firma.

And we wonder why the Church is in the condition it is in.

We wonder how could liturgical abuse spread so easily and worldwide in just 40 years since a council that authorized NONE of these changes that have taken place.

We wonder how it is that so many priests — and quite frankly, we don’t care if the number is more than 1 and less than a million — could be involved in such outrageous, scandalous and immoral behavior — behavior that has been unchecked.  Indeed, a blind eye was turned by those who should be the “shepherds” of the Lord’s flock.

And we wonder at what the Blessed Virgin Mary said at La Salette:  something far more profound than a potato famine or the wrath of nature.  Mary warned us more than a century ago:  ROME WILL LOSE THE FAITH AND BECOME THE SEAT OF THE ANTICHRIST!

What we are getting at is simple:  since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, one could easily draw a line and correlation to the many ills that not only face America, but that have reared their head in the very Church he once professed belief in.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough that we are not defending the slain leader or even calling him a great politician or president; it is the symbolism that he stands for that is critical in our comprehension of where we are today as a society and the evil results of those who are ultimately behind his assassination.

An assassination that changed every heart in America.

An assassination that changed a generation.

An assassination that brought its youth not to the purity that
Our Lady of America was seeking, but instead into a headlong dash into drugs, immoral sex and outright rejection of the Truth established in a Church 2,000 years ago.

We should know.

We are part of that generation.

As we began to look back to try to comprehend where we were and why we abandoned the values that were paramount in the days of “Camelot,” we, as so many over the years, began to ask,

Why was he murdered and who would gain from such a ghastly act?

The usual suspects immediately came up and we began to study many of the conspiracy theories that abound in books throughout America.

It was the mafia.

It was Castro.

It was the Soviets.

It was Clay Shaw.

It was Lee Harvey Oswald.

It was Jack Ruby.

It was, etc., etc.

But as we began to study and research, an alarm bell went off at some point.

In all the accusations, NEVER had we seen anyone make a claim that those who held an age-long grudge against Catholicism were involved.

The very ones who were making “noise” previous to his election about Kennedy’s Catholicism.

This, as anyone with any logic would think, raised our suspicion.

Of course, we lived in New York during the time the McBird play ran (for those who may not remember, this accused Lyndon Baines Johnson as the man behind the assassination of his predecessor).

At the time, it seemed ridiculous.

Beyond the scope of belief.

But then we stumbled across some odd facts.

Before we speak of them, let’s play a game.

A guessing game.

Let’s pretend that we are back in the Middle Ages, say 1521 or so.

What was going on at that time?

There was a man by the name of Martin Luther who was causing quite a ruckus in the world.

Let’s pretend that instead of Luther dying of old age after breaking his vows of celibacy and poverty to the Lord, this “outsider” to the power base of his time — the Catholic Church — was assassinated!

Because he was a rebellious Augustinian monk, the pope sets up a commission to review the facts and comes to a conclusion.

Everyone in the whole continent of Europe believes there was a “conspiracy” to silence Luther because he was challenging the status quo and those in authority.

In fact, rumors even point to the man who had the most to gain from the murder of Martin Luther:  the pope himself!

But the commission, after an intensive investigation, reviewing hundreds of hours of testimony and examining evidence, issues a report.

A very controversial report.

The report states that Martin Luther was killed by a lone assassin who was mentally unstable and that the Church had nothing to do with this crime.

The commission is headed by a cardinal appointed by the pope

The commission’s spokesman is a man appointed by the cardinal

The head of investigation for the commission works for the pope

What would any logical person say about that commission’s findings?

Obviously, that not only is the commission’s findings tainted, but it contains various biases in favor of the Church; and, more than likely, it is probably covering up some serious criminal activity that a group of conspirators are hiding, possibly headed by the pope himself!

Now no one would believe that the pope personally committed the crime, nor any of the commission members.

What the commission would be doing is covering up the orders given, by whom, for what purposes, and who actually carried them out.

It is even possible the commission members would have known nothing of the actual crime until after the event took place; but due to their oaths of “obedience,” they found themselves not only obligated but willing co-conspirators in the consequential cover-up!

(Notice the word
“co” here does not mean “equal to” but “with” as when used in

What do we think happened in the JFK inquiry?

Let’s look at this from the same perspective.

The person who headed the inquiry was a man by the name of Earl Warren, appointed to the task by then-president Lyndon Johnson.

The person who was the spokesman for the “Warren Commission” was none other than Gerald Ford, at the bequest of Earl Warren

The man in charge of the investigation was then-FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who reported directly to the president.

An interesting little-known fact:  all four men are masons!

Just as in our “guessing game,” where the top four members involved in the investigation of Martin Luther’s death were all Catholics!

And let us remember that masons are men who take oaths in which they “swear” to defend a fellow mason above all laws; men with secret handshakes and signs to identify one another so that when in trouble, other masons may come to their aid.

Men who swear allegiance at the highest levels not to the Lord Jesus, but to the “bearer of light” they call the “great architect of the universe.”

A universe where they even mark time by their “god”!  Don’t believe it?  Just research a masonic calendar to discover that masonry believes this is the year 6003 “A.L.” — “in the year of lucis”!

These are not well men.  To say that their equilibrium is off is an understatement.

And men who are not well and have enormous power are men that cannot be trusted.

They cannot be trusted that they would not lie, cover-up and mislead a gullible public, who, in the early 1960s, believed in its government.

Men who controlled the presidency, the domestic police, the Supreme Court, and deeply influenced, if not controlled, Congress.  Men who could tell and would be believed by their fellow masons in these government arms that there was NO “conspiracy” involved in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Just a crazed, lone gunman.

In this conspiracy, one must always bear in mind, who stood to gain the most from the actions that took place on that fateful day in Dallas, Texas; a state that was at the time, in the political pocket of one LBJ.

The man who, as vice president of the United States, had the most to personally gain upon the death of the president.

A man who, though at the scene, was unhurt in the ensuing action.

A man who — to this day we find it despicable — had the widow of the slain “king” in her blood-stained clothes stand beside him as he took the masonic “oath” of office.

It is interesting as we came across this news item that the son of a member of the White House is releasing a book on the assassination of JFK that points the finger none other than at the one man in the entire world who had the most to gain upon the death of the nation’s only Catholic president.

A man who was a mason, a member of an organization that has sworn itself to overthrow “thrones and Altars.”

An organization that, as Malachi Martin wrote, was fully involved in the “enthronement ceremony” of the evil one just five months prior to the assassination of JFK.  An “enthronement” aimed at a “dethronement” of the true King, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the destruction of His Church!

An organization that NEVER seems to be mentioned by authors or others when discussing what everyone knows was a conspiracy to kill the “king of Camelot.”

And the purpose behind LBJ’s involvement?

The ascension of power as promised to him by those who ordered the assassination:  the “illuminati” forwarding their agenda to enthrone the evil one as the “god” of this planet.

And like Martin Luther, JFK was about to cause a ruckus among the ruling elite.

In this scenario, it is important to note that among Kennedy’s last actions before his assassination was to put in place a plan to end the Federal Reserve system as we know it; a plan that would affect, at that time, the outrageous sum of approximately $4.5 billion in money controlled by others than the United States government.  Among the first actions Johnson took upon ascending to the presidency was to cancel Kennedy’s economic plan that would have adversely affected the control of this money by private holders.

It is imperative that anyone reading this article understand that we are not saying LBJ, Earl Warren, J. Edgar Hoover, or Gerald Ford planned the assassination of JFK, or even ordered it.  Perhaps only Johnson, who seemed so cool under the circumstances, was aware of it.

What we are saying is that as masons, all four men were nothing more than lackeys in the plans of those who control the secret societies in a world that not only refuses to believe in the existence of a conspiracy by these occult leaders, but refuses to believe that these leaders believe in a two-god system; a system in which lucifer, as the “bearer of light,” is their “god”!

But if we are looking for a black-and-white answer as to how we got from
Father Knows Best to the Osbourne family on MTV, it is, we believe, easily found in the enthronement of lucis!  An enthronement made possible by the murder of JFK.

An enthronement made possible by the nuclear and religious Holocausts of World War II; by a ceremony conducted inside St. Paul’s in Rome in conjunction with a masonic temple in South Carolina; by the public assassination of a “king”; and by primordial matter brought back from the symbolic dark side of the moon.

Nonsense, you say?  Look around and see who is controlling the youth of our world, from islamic terrorists to
demonic heavy-metal bands of America.

But why would anyone — people who are the president, the FBI director, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, etc., etc. — be involved in such activity?

We sincerely believe most of them do not comprehend what they are doing; they only — from the scientists to the astronauts — remember their masonic motto: 
“success is your proof”!

Proof that you must be doing the right thing as you are being “blessed” by “God.”

But it is not the real God, for masons do not take up their Cross and follow Him; instead, they believe their economic well-being and success in the world is proof that they are following the “right” “god”!

Just ask Gerald Ford, spokesman for the Warren Commission and the only man in history to ascend to the presidency without every receiving one vote!

Sadly, these people neglect Christ’s words that the evil one controls the kingdoms of the world; or that he who is first shall be last.

We don’t know if this new book on the murder of our only Catholic president will mention any masonic connections.  If it does, we give it all the more credit.

But we must be careful what it says for it is coming from someone close to the current family in power.

In this light, we must remember that the best way to cover a conspiracy is to offer confusing conspiracies as new “evidence.”  If this new “investigation” into the assassination of the “king of Camelot” doesn’t mention the fact that Johnson, Warren, Hoover, and Ford were/are lifelong members of the masonic ol’boys network, then it won’t surprise us if it also doesn’t state that the station chief for the CIA in Dallas, Texas that history-changing day in November was a man by the name of George Bush.

The patriarch of a family dynasty that has replaced the Kennedy legacy since the days of Dallas:  the
Skull and Bones family that has occupied the White House longer than the “king of Camelot” or JFK, Jr. ever will.

2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
The rest of Dealey Plaza ...
… during our research in Dallas, we were shocked to find this obelisk with an eternal flame atop of it directly in line with the sixth-floor window, seen in the background, from where the shots were fired, forming a triangle with the X on the street that marks the spot where JFK was murdered.  What is the purpose of the obelisk?
It marks the exact spot where
the first masonic lodge
was built in Dallas!
This is known as the ‘old red’ court house in Dallas and is across from the obelisk.  The court house, adorned with gargoyles across its roof, served as a meeting place for masons when they outgrew their first lodge.  After looking down, as seen from this building, at
the compass shape of
‘Dealey Plaza,’ named after a
33rd-degree mason who once ran the newspaper of the city, we knew we had come across what we call a ‘triangle of evil.’
Former unelected president Gerald Ford at extreme left, who continues today, as the only surviving member of the commission, to uphold the ‘party line’ of a single gunman.
Earl Warren is in center stage.
A stunned Jackie forced to watch at his request the ‘oath’ of office.
Is it a ‘coincidence’ that this modern glass obelisk-shaped building with a pyramid for a cap overlooks and dominates
the skyline around the plaza,
or is it a mocking reminder
of the ‘event’ and those
who were behind it?