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The Woman Clothed With Her Son of Justice and the Forgotten Lesson of the Sun
One of the least discussed theories in understanding the Shroud of Turin — the authentic burial cloth of Jesus — is that the best way scientists have of describing
how the Image came to be is to compare it to a
“corona discharge.”

How apropos!  Corona stems from the Latin which means

In the case of the
Shroud, the corona is equivalent to the “glow” commonly seen as the encircled bright light around the images of Saints.

Only in this case, the Corona is not from just any Saint, it emanates from the Lord Himself!

Crown of Glory witnessed in the Power of His Resurrection!

A Resurrection that can best be equated to the time when Peter, James and John saw Jesus shining like the sun on Mt. Thabor.

For Jesus is the
“Sun of Justice.”

Therefore, it is easy to go one step further and understand, as we continue to
commemorate Mary's Fatima messages, that the Woman Clothed With the Sun — Jesus’ Mother — is clothed by none other than the Lord Himself!

Son of Justice!

As the
Woman Clothed With the Sun, Mary gave the world an important lesson — a lesson that even many in the Church today want to ignore.

It is the forgotten lesson that while Her Son is the
King of Mercy and She is the Mother of Mercy, Jesus is also the Just Judge and Sun of Justice!  Dispensing Mercy and Justice side by side as He — and only He who won the right by His death on the Cross — sees fit.

In this forgotten lesson, God has used humble shepherds — first, those who gazed upon the
Holy Face of Jesus in the Manger as the Savior of the world; and, second, the children of Fatima who were given a vision by Mary of the fate of those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Jesus.

That vision has been forgotten by the vast majority of souls in the world today.

It was when Mary opened Her hands and rays of light — brighter than the sun — pierced to the very core of the Earth, and the children said,
“the Earth itself seemed to vanish, and we saw huge numbers of devils and lost souls in a vast and fiery ocean.  …  The lost souls were … tumbling about constantly in the flames and screaming with terror.  All were on fire, within and without their bodies, and neither devils nor damned souls seemed able to control their movements.  They never [had] an instant’s peace or freedom from pain.”

The reason we bring this forgotten lesson up is in light of all those biblical protest-ant idiots we discuss so often who not only see Mary’s apparitions at Fatima as a “trick of the devil,” but try as well to convince others of this falsehood — a most slanderous, and perhaps,
unforgivable, accusation against Jesus’ Mother.

Mary told the children,
“You have seen hell where the souls of sinners go.  To save them, God wishes to establish in the world the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  If people do as I ask, many souls will be converted and there will be peace.”

Well, most of us know the rest of the story.

We have not done as Mary asked and, therefore, many souls are not being converted and we do not have much of what anyone would consider “peace.”  The history and state of the world since 1917 is an irrefutable witness to this Truth.

Who, then, is behind this attack against God’s plan to establish devotion to Mary so that souls can be

There is no other candidate than the one the
Book of Apocalypse bluntly identifies:  “that … dragon …, that old serpent, who is called the devil and satan, who seduceth the whole world.”

Who is it?

It is the enemy of God, His Mother, and God’s creation, mankind.

And where is the devil today?
“… cast unto the Earth, and his angels were thrown down with him” Apocalypse 12:9.

Now everyone who reads this web site knows, as we remember the anniversary of our Queen’s first apparition at Fatima, we have been defending Mary and devotion to Her as the
Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Other so-called “Christians” — or as we termed them,
“biblical idiots” — are fighting against Mary and trying to keep anyone on this planet from recognizing Her Queenship under the authority of Her Son, the King.

If this doesn’t sound like the fight between the evil one and the
Woman Clothed With the Sun in the Book of Apocalypse, we are at a loss to understand the feeble mentality of those who read but cannot seem to comprehend!  We came across a protest-ant web site the other day that, once again, claimed the Woman Clothed With the Sun is Israel!  Hello; anyone home?  Does Israel keep the “testimony of Jesus Christ”? Apocalypse 12:17.

So in this story about forgotten lessons as we bask in the glory and glow of the corona discharge left on the
Shroud to bolster our faith in the Truth of the Resurrection of Christ, we can also take solace that the Sun of Justice has clothed His Mother with His Righteousness and Royalty!    Jesus, as True Man, is not going to let His enemy, the devil, disguise himself as the Lord’s Mother.  Would you?

In this comprehension, we will not let our beliefs or knowledge be the deciding factor for those who are unsure.

We will let the greatest of 2nd-millennium Saints, St. Francis of Assisi, show the reality.  A reality that stems long before the protest-ant “reformation” of anti-Marian doctrine disguised under the rhetoric of anti-Catholicism.

For St. Francis left many a prayer and spiritual thought about the Truth of Mary and Her role in salvation history.  We will not elucidate on them here, for we wish those who are true Truth-seekers to begin that journey with God on their own.  (One should definitely ask for St. Francis’ intercession here, as well!)

What we do want to remind all souls in the world is that not only did St. Francis 
suffer from the Five Wounds of our Lord, but it was he who gave us the legacy of the creche; the Babe in the Manger.  It was St. Francis’ teachings on the Passion of Christ — coupled with the inability of Christians to visit the Holy Land due to islamic death squads preying on (instead of praying with) pilgrims (a la the homicide fanatics of today) — that gave the Church the
Stations of the Cross.

No one can be that close to the Lord Jesus without being close to Mary — and
St. Francis proves it.

And what was the eternal reward Jesus gave St. Francis for this incredible loyalty and love for our God as a Child, in His Passion, and for His Mother?

St. Francis’ reward proves our point about this
Great Spiritual Battle revolving around Mary as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

It was revealed to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque — who was given the mission by Jesus to secure devotion to His
Sacred Heart in the world — that St. Francis received the VACATED THRONE of lucifer in Heaven!  The very one the devil fell from as depicted in the Book of Apocalypse.

The throne lucifer, who became satan, lost over Jesus and Mary.

You see, the evil one isn’t just at war against Jesus and Mary; he despises mankind, for it is known to him — who once was a powerful archangel with a mighty throne — that those who love, serve and obey Jesus and Mary in this amazing, outlandish, simple, yet complex test of our own hearts and minds, will be given, if we pass this test, the very eternal rewards he and the fallen angels lost so long ago.

No wonder the devil is battling hard against Mary.  It is not just a question of power,
but it is the biggest sin of all:  pride.

In that pride, the devil would not worship Jesus as True God and True Man.

And, in that pride, he would not also honor Mary as the
Queen of Angels.

It is a pride today that the biblical idiots suffer from
.  For you cannot accept the King without accepting His Queen.

God’s heavenly hierarchy is not the proverbial Chinese restaurant menu where you get to choose.  It’s either all or nothing. 
We can’t get pass the guard at the heavenly gate if we do not acknowledge the King and His Queen!

We can follow those who — whether they know it or not — are following the evil one and reject Mary as the
Woman Clothed With the Sun.

But we do not advise it.

For by doing so, the eternal reward the evil one wants mankind to receive is awaiting those who take this path in the forgotten lesson of the sun.

We know what God hath in store for those who reject Him and His Mother.

For the forgotten lesson of the sun is that, as Mary showed the children, once the
Sun of Justice has deemed the sentence, the eternal fires of God’s anger and Judgment are unquenchable.

There are those who, unfortunately, already understand this lesson too late.  One, as we believe, is Walter McCrone, who, now dead, looked continually into the
Face on the Shroud when he was alive and told the world it was a “painting.” In disbelieving the corona discharge left on this miraculous cloth, McCrone kept many a soul from believing or embracing the Passion of Christ left by our Lord on His Shroud — a crime the Just Judge could not possibly have taken kindly to.  And worst of all, McCrone, unlike St. Francis, has left a legacy of disbelief!

A similar fate, we believe, awaits one Joe Nickell who continually pronounces on everything spiritual in a negative light as the “skeptic” he loves to be.  He, too, loves to tell the world the
Shroud is not real.  Joe also does not believe in Fatima (this is a standard one-two punch by skeptics; hmm, disbelief in the Shroud and Fatima, is there a connection?)  Nickell naysays the revelations of Mary to the children, two of whom are now known as Blessed because of confirmed miracles in their names, in regard to that very hot place She showed them where the souls of poor sinners go.

One day, Joe, like McCrone, will find out who is right and who is wrong.

What a terrible way — and way too late to change it eternally — to discover if one is wrong!  For Nickell has NOT forgotten the lesson of the sun; he, instead, refuses to believe it and then has the audacity to publicly promote disbelief in it (and to even
pronounce on the Gianna Sullivan controversy.  If there is a reason to believe Gianna's messages are real, Joe's skepticism does it)!

What will the sentence of the
Sun of Justice upon one Joe Nickell be?  A man who once told us in a personal meeting, after giving us a fake buffalo nickel coin, that his life isn’t worth a “nickel.”  Indeed, like the biblical idiots who deny Mary Her rights as God’s Queen, Joe’s opinions, and opinions they are for he has never once touched the Shroud nor performed an experiment on the real cloth, aren't worth a nickel!

On the other hand, we cannot imagine anyone living today — including the pope — who can come close to the eternal reward Jesus bestowed on St. Francis.  A reward for
believing and leaving a legacy of belief.

Yes, of course, John Paul II has an enormous reward, but can it match the vacated throne of lucifer?

Yet, none of us can really say.  For none of us know, as we go through this incredible test in which rewards last for Eternity,
“what things God hath prepared for them that love Him” II Corinthians 2:9.

And even more so, neither do we know what things God hath prepared for them that love and honor His Mother as His Queen, the
Woman Clothed With the Sun!

It is a reward — no matter how great or small the corona might be — that outweighs any consideration to entertain an opposite course of action:  a course that could lead to an eternal sentence and loss of reward for forgetting, disbelieving, or ignoring the lessons Mary brought to us as the true
Woman Clothed With the Sun.

                                                                                   © 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Is this the
Woman Clothed With the Sun?
Whether in gold ...
... silver ...
... or as a statue with the sun gleaming behind her back as it sets in the West with the former smashed symbols of $$$ overlooking it, 'Lady Liberty,' as we call her in the U.S., is NOT the Woman Clothed With the Sun, despite masonic efforts to portray her as such.

Interestingly, protest-ants never seem to complain or notice these idolizing images of Lady Liberty:  the true harlot of Babylon.  Instead, just as their ministers encourage them to do, they horde U.S. gold and silver goins of her, as if that will save them when the true end times come; and then, these same ministers and protest-ants scream that images of Mary as the Queen of Heaven are idolatry.  Wonder who is deceiving who?

Even the 'torch' of
'lady liberty' is nothing more than the evil one mimicking
the Torch of our Lady's
Immaculate Heart --
a Heart that burns with
love and mercy!
As always with God, we count on Him for the Alpha and Omega.
Mary, the true
Woman Clothed With the Sun, crushes the head of the serpent as promised by God in Genesis 3:15 (Latin Vulgate!)