Agnus Dei Presents!
The President’s Solemn Promise
to the Anti-Mary:
‘Her Chosen Altar’
Shall Not Be ‘Neglected!’
Was the strategic and narrow placement of liberty’s torch between the space of the Twin Towers ‘accidental’ or by design?
It’s all done in her name.

From the court case to remove the 10 Commandments …

… to the nightmare claim of Terri Schiavo’s “right to die” …

… to every aborted baby.

And she stands proud over it all.

Raising her cup with the blood of the martyrs.

Like all “queens,” she has two parents — in her case, they are death and revolution.

Most have no historical knowledge of the fact that her first parent, death, is enshrined on a French medallion struck to honor the first assassinated president in the history of the masonic American republic.

This “queen’s” second parent is that of the masonic revolutions of 1776 and 1789, for, as one who “conceived” her stated, she is the daughter of
“justice and mercy, the mother of equality.”

In essence, this makes her the symbol of her second parent whose watchwords during France’s
“reign of terror” were “liberty, equality and fraternity.”

A reign in which this queen of “liberty,” before she was enshrined in the harbor of Babylon, ensured the guillotine freed the souls of the undesired of society from their bodies; where “equality” was unmatched under the falling blade as it severed heads from the necks of the poor, rich, aristocrat or commoner; and “fraternity” was decreed from the minds of those who claimed the ends justified the means, so long as they remained in power, and as Voltaire preached in his motto, the Catholic Church —
“crush the wretch” — had none.

Strikingly, she originally received her name from her first parent, the assassinated Abraham Lincoln, the second president to hold a séance in the White House as his wife lamented the death of their child.  It is from here, her historical birth can be traced as an idea in the minds of French masons who honored
“honest Lincoln, who abolished slavery, reestablished the Union, and saved the Republic [as in masonic], without veiling the statue of liberty.”

We cannot say it better than what is written in the book from which we have culled these facts, entitled,
“I Lift My Lamp” [1948].  As authors H. Pauli and E.B. Ashton, state in regard to the French medallion as the beginning of the inspiration of the “New Colossus,” “in the beginning was the word.  And the word was coined on a medal of gold … .”

By now, anyone realizes we are discussing the statue of liberty, or as we like to point out:  the harlot of Babylon.

The correlations between Mary and Her Son are too numerous to mention.  They are a book unto themselves.  This article is just but a small sampling.

Many can claim that we, as we noted in an earlier article, have
“fairytale beliefs.” We will continue to point out the facts and let others decide.

The key is, we do not make the facts up; nor, as proven by Pauli and Ashton, are we the only ones who notice striking similarities.  It is, of course, how one interprets those similarities!

The difference is, we point them out to warn; the two authors in question point to them as a source of pride!

Many can claim that we see things that are not reality; but we say, remember the battle we are in and the incredible deceitfulness, power, deception, and lies the evil one can bring to bear.  For it is not us, but Jesus who warned that the “father of lies” has been allowed to control the “kingdoms of the world.”

When we truly believe this statement, things do take on a whole new perspective.

And that’s is why we are writing this article on the
Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Want facts and information about Her birth?  There are tons of great Catholic web sites out there that can provide incredible knowledge.

That is NOT the purpose of this web site.

Our purpose, as we are led under the inspiration of our great Queen, the Virgin Mother of God, is to bring out the facts that many do not consider, or care to dwell upon.

These are the true facts of the negative side of the
Great Spiritual Battle — a battle most care not to think about; yet in reality, it is the essential element in how it affects our everyday lives and relationships to God and His Mother!

So on the feast of our great Queen, what better gift can we give Her than to point out to so many — especially Americans — who Her chief rival for our affections is?  As we did so last week, we must comprehend that in the
Great Spiritual Battle not only are there many antichrists, but there are also many anti-Marys!

And this one is not made of flesh and blood.

It cannot speak.

It is made of copper.

Yet, she has won the hearts and minds of millions from the day of her conception to a nation turning to her after its heart was wrenched in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11.

But she is NOT the one who can answer our prayers.

Indeed, she is NOT the one who can intercede with God for us.

And no matter how many times we may invoke this copper queen, it does not please our God — in reality, it must anger Him greatly!

For as the evil one cannot create but only mimic God, this copper monstrosity
“wears a familiar crown of rays and on her left arm holds some blurred object, much as Michelangelo’s Moses holds the Tables of the Law. … She is the reigning goddess of the land” [from “I Lift My Lamp”].

And who paid for this monstrosity known as the “New Colossus”?

In the 1870s, the
New York Times reported  who was behind the financial needs of the project:  “large subscribers included the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Paris and other lodges throughout the country.  (It was hardly surprising since the grand master of the half-million French masons was none but the genial expert on druidism …),” as “I Lift My Lamp” documents.

Druidism is defined as
“a member of an order of ‘priests’ who appear in legend as prophets and sorcerers.” A “sorcerer” is “one who uses supernatural powers over others through the assistance of evil spirits.” A “sorcerer” is usually associated with “necromancy,” which is defined as “black magic,” or “communication with the spirits of the dead … ” the very activity Abraham Lincoln was involved in before his assassination!

So the major funding for
“Liberty Enlightening the World” came from an “expert” on sorcery and his “associates” who followed his lead in funding the manmade “queen.”

Is it any wonder why, we as believers, should surely be wary of this “goddess”?

If there are those who think it is just us who feel this way, let us again quote from our source book that in
“1880, John Gilmory Shea, L.L.D., writing on ‘Our Great Goddess and Her Coming Idol,’ raised a Catholic voice against the prospect that ‘ere long the idol of the goddess “Liberty Enlightening the World” will be set up on Bedloe’s Island [now known as “Liberty Island”], doubtless as was Nabuchodonosor’s great statue of old, with sound harp and sackbut and pslatery, and woe will betide the man who does not at the sound fall down and worship.’ ”

Did Shea know that little more than 100 years later, his prophecy would ring true?

Nay, it did not take even that long for Grover Cleveland to state eight years later during the inaugural ceremony that he pledged the United States
“will not forget that liberty has here made her home; nor shall her chosen altar be neglected.”

Every president since then, including 33rd-degree mason Franklin Delano Roosevelt in rededicating that pledge 50 years later, has ensured that the
“chosen altar” of the false queen, the goddess of “liberty,” has not been “neglected.”

In 1976, 1986 and 2000, great celebrations were planned around the harlot of Babylon as the world’s capital, New York City, commemorated the “revolution” of 1776, the inauguration of the copper queen, and the end of the 2nd Millennium.  The best seats in the house were to be atop the Twin Towers where one could look down on the festivities as a “god” from on high.

But Someone else was looking down from an even higher perch.

That Someone, during the time our nation set up the
“idol of the goddess” with the “familiar crown of rays” and who “is the reigning goddess of the land,” had sent Someone else for us to pay attention to.

He had sent Her under the titles we are now familiar with.  He had sent Her to the two nations involved with building this false copper idol:  France and America.

To America, the Lord sent His Mother as
Our Lady of Guadalupe (the “One who crushes the serpent”).

To France, who has refused to listen to Him or to Her time and time again, He sent His Mother as the
“Lady of the Miraculous Medal,” the “Lady in Tears” (La Salette), and “Our Lady of Lourdes,” all in the 1800s.

But still the masonic republic of France turned its back on Notre Dame and embraced the “goddess of reason,” leading to the building of the “goddess of liberty.”

To America, the Lord sent His Mother one time.  But still She was not heeded.  In fact, the bishops of the New World, while embracing the symbol of liberty, failed to recognize Mary as our true Queen in Her apparitions as
Our Lady of America.

Is it a “coincidence” that Mary, as
Our Lady of America has a diadem made of a “crown of rays” with seven visible spires?

Is it a “coincidence” that instead of holding a tablet that represents the “declaration of independence,” Mary is, instead, as
Our Lady of America, pointing to Her Immaculate Heart?

Is it a “coincidence” that instead of proudly holding a “torch” representing “liberty” — whose first definition is
“the state of being free from control or restriction” — that Mary, as the rightful Queen of America, is holding a white lily in Her right hand?  For it is a symbol not only of purity, which means to be “pure” (“free from impurities or contamination,” “without faults, perfect,” “virginal, chaste,” “of unmixed blood or ancestry”) but, most importantly, to be “free from guilt or sin”!

In this regard, what is the major difference between the messages of the “goddess of liberty” and
Our Lady of America?

Is not one of “no restraint” vs. one of “self-restraint”?

Among the many messages Mary gave to a humble nun in Ohio, Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil, the
Queen of Heaven and Earth said 47 years ago this month:

“I am Our Lady of America.  I desire that My children honor Me, especially by the purity of their lives.”

What is the consensus of those who are reading this article?

Have we, as a nation, honored or dishonored Mary?

Have we, as a nation, honored the “goddess” of liberty instead?

Have we grown closer to our Queen’s goal of
“purity” in our lives, or has the “goddess” of liberty led our land astray?

We do not see any complex answers here.  They are simply straightforward “yes” or “no” responses.

It is apparent to any common-sense person — whether believer or not — as to exactly what those answers are.

We can continue, as a nation, the charade that we do not need God, nor do we need His Mother.

The famed poet Emily Lazarus is among those who have followed former president Cleveland’s instructions and brought
“willing votaries” to “constantly keep alive” liberty’s “fires.” “Fires,” he said that “shall gleam upon the shores of our sister republic in the East” [France].

Lazarus, whose last name reminds one of the famous friend that our Lord raised from death before all of Israel, did not believe in Jesus.  She did not believe in Mary.  She did, however, passionately believe in “lady liberty.”

And in that love she bore for a copper queen that cannot answer prayers, she wrote her sonnet that forever brings to mind the words,
“give me your tired, your poor … .” It was, Lazarus wrote, a poem to the “mother of exiles.”

But long before the evil one inspired his minions to raise the harlot of Babylon with her defiant torch before Heaven in full masonic rituals and ceremonies (yes, Virginia, there is even a plaque to commemorate the event!), was not the Mother of God the true
“Mother of Exiles”?

“To Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve … ” we exclaim to Mary in the Salve Regina.

Emily Lazarus never knew to call out to her true
Mother of Exiles.  No one told her, no one taught her, no one challenged her.

Instead, Emily the poet — who herself recognized New York City for what it is when she wrote
“By the Waters of Babylon” in regard to the massive Jewish immigration in that city — died not crying to the Mother of God, but to a false “goddess.”  With cancer and in Paris, Emily “dragged herself to the Louvre [a former palace of French royalty], knelt again at the feet of venus — ‘the goddess without arms who cannot help,’ ” and cried in regard to her deathly plight.

Unlike the friend of Jesus, Emily would not be resurrected but succumbed one year after the inauguration of the “goddess” with a torch
“who cannot help.”

We are coming up on the 2nd memorial of an infamous day no true American can forget.  And we, who love our country, cannot forget that we are at war.

We have been attacked.

We can continue to follow president after president who ensures that the copper anti-Mary’s
“chosen altar” is not “neglected.”

We can even turn to the “goddess of liberty” and see if she can

Or we can grow up, become wise, listen to instruction and, as we should have long ago, turn to the true
Mother of Exiles and plead with Her for Her help.

For She and only She has arms that can intercede and which can hold back Her Son’s Hand of Justice.

But as
Our Lady of America has warned us, “The hour grows late.  My Son’s patience will not last forever.”

As we continue to turn to the one with arms and a torch
“who cannot help,” it is obvious the patience of Mary’s Son has worn thin as His Hand of Protection was removed from us in a warning just two years ago.

There are those who can read this article and scoff.

We understand.

But as Mary so eloquently stated as
Our Lady of America, “Dear child, evil is so insidious that it often passes for good!”

The hour is truly late; very late.

America is far down the path our Queen has counseled against and we have neglected
Our Lady of America’s Altar.

We have, instead, embraced with our presidents in the lead, the false altar of the anti-Mary:  the goddess of liberty; the
“daughter of justice.”

May God spare our nation the justice we so rightfully deserve for the “liberties” we have abused as we continue to follow the anti-Mary, conceived in death and revolution.

We have loved not only the anti-Mary made of copper, but the anti-Marys made of flesh and blood who parade their bodies in impure acts before us.

There is only one super counterweight:  it is in a Heart full of Mercy for,
unlike Her Son, Mary has no right to pronounce JusticeShe can only dispense, as our Mediatrix, Advocate and Co-Redemptrix, the graces of Mercy.

And unlike the goddess of liberty, Mary does not “lift” her

Instead, Mary lifts Her
“Lamb” to us!

On the
Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Mercy, we can only beg, plead and implore as She asked us to as Our Lady of America:

By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception,
                              O Mary, deliver us from evil!

2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
While the rest of Babylon suffered in a recent blackout,
the ‘chosen altar’ of liberty
was not ‘neglected.’
The 1886 ‘ceremony.’
This icon of ‘liberty’ was painted in 1830, as the false goddess leads men into revolution and death ...
… while the Lord gave us this Image of His Mother in the same year with the words, ‘O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!’
Yes, Virginia, this pyramid marks the public entrance
to the Louvre, once the
home to Philip le Bel,
king of France, who put
the last grandmaster of the
Knights Templar to the stake.
Is the pyramid, a favorite
masonic symbol, a sign of
who is having the ‘last laugh’?
© 1993 Sister Mary Mildred Neuzil; all rights reserved; used by permission.
Our Lady of America!