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The 282-billion-to-1 ‘Coincidence’
Seven Signatures
of the
Prove Why the Image Is Jesus and
‘No One Else’
John Paul II in serious prayer before the burial cloth of our Lord and Savior in 1998.
The pope has stated that the Image on the cloth is of Jesus and 'no one else!'
As we move through the Lenten season and get closer to the miracle of Easter, the media has a tendency to begin and end this time with a crescendo of stories about the Shroud of Turin.  Most of the stories either try to debunk the cloth or tend to leave the audience with an ambiguous ending.  This was the case recently with the Reader’s Digest.

Many times, when we see articles about the
Shroud in the media, one thing critics try to do, if they cannot defeat the science of the cloth, is to then put other doubts in the minds of the faithful or “doubting Thomases.”  One of those “doubts” is to ask the question, “How do we know the Image is of Jesus?” Perhaps, they maintain, the Image is of someone else; the critics even have the audacity to sometimes make the claim that the Image is of a medieval knight!

Here from our book,
Face:  the Truth, the Death and Resurrection of Faith, are the Seven Signatures of the Shroud — signatures that prove, beyond a proverbial shadow of a doubt, that the Image on the cloth is of Jesus.

For it has been calculated that it is a 282-billion-to-1 chance that the
Shroud could possibly contain these seven signatures, which coincide with the Seven Signatures of Christ from the Gospels, and NOT be the Image of Jesus.  (That's better than your local state's lottery odds!)

These incredible overwhelming odds prove our Lord has left nothing to chance and no one will be in a position to say to Him during their Judgment that they
“did not know”; that there was “no evidence” for the Truth of His Resurrection!

Indeed, the same will be true of those who claim that they did not know which Church to believe in as the Lord has ensured His burial cloth has been venerated by the Saints of His Universal Church!  The very Saints who worshipped Jesus in the Eucharist and prayed the Rosary!

These overwhelming odds also confirm the 1995 pronouncement of official Church policy regarding the
Shroud by Pope John Paul II, who authorized the cardinal of Turin, in response to the critics who ask how do we know the Image is Jesus, to tell the world that this enigmatic cloth reveals the Image of the Son of God and “no one else.”

Here, then, are the
Seven Signatures of the Shroud that match the Seven Signatures of Christ! At this time in remembering Christ’s Passion for us, one need only look at the Holy Face and Body Image on the cloth to see the Truth!

     1.  Jesus is beaten about His Face.
     2.  Jesus is brutally scourged with a Roman flagrum.
     3.  Jesus is crowned with thorns.
     4.  Jesus carries a crossbeam, aggravating the scourge marks.
     5.  Jesus falls three times (in fact, three facial bruises indicate our Lord fell with His hands tied behind His back).
     6.  Jesus is crucified and nailed to the Cross through His wrists.
     7.  Jesus is pierced through His Heart by a Roman lance causing a postmortem blood flow.

And, after close examination by medical experts, such as coroner Dr. Robert Bucklin, the Image on the
Shroud proves that Jesus’ bones were not broken.

Unlike the two thieves on either side of Jesus whose legs were broken in order to quickly induce their death, the
Shroud proves our Lord fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah’s bones would not be broken!

Just as He did with the Apostles, who needed to see the Resurrected Christ in order to fulfill their mission, the Lord, in our world of chaos and disbelief, has truly left us the proof of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection!

We need only open our eyes.

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