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‘Reclaim America for Mary’ Part II:
In a Nation of Casinos
The Toast Gets Toasted!
NEVADA — It was raining.


Our horses were soaking wet.

They were, once again, in the middle of nowhere.

Only this time, unlike on the deserted highway to
La Purisima Concepcion, the world gravitates to this place known correctly as “Sin City”!

The enticed guests to this phony oasis fly in, drive in and come in packaged tours.

For in the middle of this desert where once only pioneers passed by to refresh their horses on the
Old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe and Los Angeles at the oasis Mexican-Americans called “The Meadows,” it has now become the “Entertainment Capital of
the World.”

Searching for life-giving water these early explorers stumbled upon the area where the
“City of Lost Wages” now stands.

“Viva Las Vegas”?

“Long live the meadows”?

Once the translation from Spanish to English is accomplished, the facade of that well-know exclamation becomes obvious.

Are not those who exclaim this trite signature of Sin City, or sing its praises, praying in the wrong way?

Praying for the “long life” of a city whose U.S. foundation stands in the heresy of a spreading infection known as mormonism?

Praying for the celebration of a city built on the blood money of organized crime?

Praying for a city nicknamed the
“Garden of Neon” whose infamous reputation is the vice capital of the world?

For us, it was no wonder why the
9/11 hijackers visited this legalized crime port — to them, it stands for everything they hate in the corruption of Western civilization.

A watering-hole of prostitution, gambling and deadly drinking.

With the hatred of Vegas burning in their eyes and hearts, their murderous and evil task the next day became more self-righteous in their deluded minds.

A pathway that only led them to the same burning abyss Sin City leads so many others to.

We know no true believer in the One True God could follow such a false path.

Yet, neither could a true believer ignore the blasphemy against God’s Immaculate Mother in this place where once the first Catholic explorers honored Her when the Las Vegas Boulevard “strip” was originally named after
Our Lady of the Angels!

It had been a long time since Mary was publicly honored in Las Vegas.

It was just a short time ago that Mary was publicly dishonored in Sin City.

With the secular media leading the charge,
“the passion of the toast tour” became a national “joke.”

A “joke” this nation can ill-afford as we continue our trip down the fast lane on Chastisement Highway.

The list of crimes against God and His Mother in this nation continues to grow with each passing judicial ruling; each government law passed; each aborted baby; each dead soldier and innocent civilian; each teenager addicted to drugs; each child introduced to evil through our self-congratulating entertainment media; each tax dollar that contributes to the
“culture of death.”

We had never wanted to set foot in the city of Las Vegas.

We knew now we had no choice but to do so.

The battle plan was obvious for us.

To begin by
reclaiming the first Church in the United States dedicated to Mary’s Immaculate Conception.  Once there, to restore the honor due to our Empress!  And to take that “torch” and bring it with us to the devil’s “playground” and reclaim it for Mary!

“Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!  Viva!”

“Long live the One who crushes the serpent!”

That is the prayer that should be on every American’s lips.

We left
La Purisima Concepcion with the torch lit and headed West.

With dark clouds hovering over us, we entered Sin City through rain-slicked streets.  The fact that we were in enemy territory became abundantly clear.

The faces of evil magicians disguised as “entertainers” “graced” the city’s billboards, buses and taxis as we entered the town.

The glorification of the false gods of Egypt and Rome reared their ugly heads on the now-infamous “strip.”

And an obtrusive replica of the “
masonic madonna” stood high with her false “torch” of liberty — the very symbol of a freedom gone awry.

Freedom to go to hell — ironically, with so few even cognizant of Sin City’s consequences to their eternal destiny.

The smell was all around us — the smell of the
culture of death on the cards, dice, and bodies of those whose souls were as darkened as a Nevada night sky just a few miles outside the neon strip.

Nor was it just Vegas we were after.  Near the
“City Without Clocks” is the equally infamous Area 51 and “UFO Highway.”  More “official” entertainment attractions paid for by our tax dollars to distract Americans.

Americans who spend very little time on their knees praying.

Americans who spend too much time at the gambling tables.

As we “Reclaimed America for Mary,” we saw the obvious:  our land has become a nation of casinos!

A nation where no road, nor highway does not lead to an Indian gaming house or state lottery

A nation of cursing gamblers and irreverent drunkards.

Drunk not only on vice, but on blasphemy.

We circled the Vegas “strip” with
Our Lady of America.

We clandestinely went in to the casinos with the medallion of Mary in our hands.

We pleaded with our Queen: 
“By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil!”

But we pleaded even more so with Her Son.

A Son who could only be offended at America’s lighthearted
“what-me-worry” response to His Passion.

To His Mother’s honor!

A Son who saw and was not oblivious to the fact that
our nation laughed as casino promoters promenaded a false image of His Immaculate Queen and “enthroned” it at a place that prides itself on its image as a haven for sex, hedonism and rock ’n’ roll.”

Armed with exorcism salt, holy water and our prayers, we approached the Hard Rock Café.

The curious stood around, wondering what were those two — that odd couple in cowboy hats — doing in the pouring rain; and whose picture was that that they were promenading?

But no one asked; no one challenged us; it was for them but a momentary distraction.

They went back to their gaming tables; to their drinks; to their toast that was burnt.

We prayed for their souls, our own and our nation’s.

Father, Jesus, Mary,
                                                       i love You!
                                                      Save souls.
                                            i give you my human will;
                                        Divine Will, come Reign in me.
                                                    i am nothing;
                                                God is everything!

We turned back to our waiting horses and plotted our getaway.

We had — through the Love of
Agnus Dei for His Mother and the Graces of our Queen — accomplished what we had set out to do:  the temporal toast that had been brought to Sin City and dishonored Her Holy Name was now spiritually toasted and burnt beyond recognition before the Heavenly Court.

Now we wanted to get out of this evil monstrosity as quickly as possible; the smell of eternal death was choking our souls.

Only the Lord knew what tomorrow would bring and what effects He would or would not allow as a result of our mission to reclaim Las Vegas for Mary.

But at that moment, the storm was getting worse and the floodwaters were rising.

© 2005 Agnus Dei Presents!
Despite all the heavenly warnings and messages, America’s love affair with violence, sex and ‘Sin
in the City’ remains unabated.