Agnus Dei Presents!
UFOs and Alien Abductions:
Why Is Babylon
a Center of Activity?
It’s strange.

When we hear about those who claim they have been abducted by aliens, we can react with the skepticism it deserves; but in reality, prayer is what is needed.

We recently caught another in a series on the History channel on the phenomenon entitled,
UFOs:  Then and Now?

The show examined various reports about abductions of the alien kind.

Of course, with the Sci-Fi channel recently repeating Steven Spielberg’s
Taken series, it comes as no programming surprise.

Nor as we approach this special time of the season is it surprising that the world continues to try to draw our focus away from the only True Heavenly Visitor we should be paying attention to.

Be that as it may, we watched with interest as the “documentary” (how words are misused today!) gave credence to this frightful prospect.

For anyone who believes, it is outrageous to think that our Lord would allow anyone from “another planet” to “experiment” with His creation!

So what could this “mystery” be all about?

And why is our media so blind to even dare to discuss the reality behind it?

We want to state that we believe many of these people who claim to be “abducted” are sincere, not “crackpots” and really have experienced “something.”

But what?

First, here are the generic experiences of those who believe they have been “abducted”:
* A bright light appears out of nowhere.
* The light approaches the “victim.”
* Suddenly, a beam captures the person and draws them unwillingly into the hovering “craft.”  Paralysis sets in.
* Inside, strange beings appear, usually in the form of what is known as “greys.”  There are small ones and tall ones.  The small ones seem to assist the larger “beings.”  None are humanoid in appearance but, instead, appear “scaly.”
* Frightening “medical” experiments are done on the individuals, usually causing pain and mental anguish.
* The person(s) is then released, supposedly unharmed, and returned to the environment from which they were abducted.  The only difference is, hours have transpired and the victim has no recollection of the event, nor knows that time is missing from their lives.

It apparently takes quite some time — even years — before a person realizes this event has supposedly happened to them.  Then, usually through dreams, they begin to realize something is drastically wrong.

This is where it gets real flaky.

The person then consults with either a pop psychologist or UFO researcher and undergoes hypnosis to induce forgotten regressive memories.

Unfortunately, for those who undergo this “therapy,” there is no guarantee that the Truth is revealed.

“Hypno” is a Greek word used as a prefix and means “sleep.”

“Hypnosis” is “an artificially induced sleeplike condition in which an individual is extremely responsive to suggestions made by the hypnotist,” according to the encyclopedia.

Interestingly, whenever we hear these stories from “abductees,”
we never have the chance to examine the train of questioning by the hypnotist — especially a UFO “researcher” — and which direction they are taking their patient who is truly experiencing “hypnoanalysis” (“a psychoanalytical technique in which hypnosis is used to elicit unconscious material from a patient”).

Couple this with the knowledge that the suffix
“osis” is another Greek word which translates into “an abnormal condition,” and one can really ascertain who is the perpetrator of an “abductee’s” nightmare — and aliens do not come to mind.

There is another important fact that was brought out in this “investigation.”

It involves experiments done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

One particular scientist believes that the alien abductions are a genuine experience to the individual but NOT an event that takes place in reality.

It takes place only inside one’s head.

Without getting too complex, he explained that certain parts of the human brain are stimulated by magnetic waves, including dream states.

As part of an experiment, college students were subjected to these waves in an enclosed chamber while wearing a helmet.  Signals inside the helmet produced magnetic fields focusing the waves on the subject’s brain.

A dreamlike state was induced.

The subject experienced the following:
* A bright light appears out of nowhere.
* The beam of light captivated the person’s attention, putting them into a hypnotic “trance.”  Paralysis sets in.
* The student began to become extremely paranoid, first sensing the presence of other “beings” and the belief that they were being “watched.”
* Great fright overcame the individual, believing their bodies were in danger, causing extreme mental anguish and physical pain.
* The experimental subject was released unharmed but felt something was missing and could not adequately explain their total experience.

Sound familiar?

This is why we stated at the beginning of our article that we do not consider that all those who claim to have this odd and troubling experiencing of “alien abduction” are lying, mental cases or just publicity-seekers.  (Although, we are well aware that there are plenty of those who fit into these categories.)

Too many, it seems, are just average people who are not happy they have gone through this.

Herein lies the battle.

If we, as human beings, are capable of conducting an experiment that brings similar feelings of terror to people through radio frequency waves, who else is capable of such a crime?

The answer for believers is simple.

“And no wonder:  for satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light”
II Corinthians 11:14.

Indeed, the Apostle Paul teaches us that we
“not be overreached by satan,” nor “be ignorant of his devices” II Corinthians 2:11.

This is something our modern world disdains.

It has no need of this discussion.  It is too “sophisticated.”  Too modern and ultra-scientific.

In reality, the UFO phenomena is perhaps the greatest deception of all time.

And here is the part that most people do not wish to comprehend.

It is that our enemy, the evil one, can manipulate natural forces.

While he is not God and cannot control the planet like our Lord can, this fallen angel of light knows far better than we where our planet’s
magnetic fields are located; how solar flares affect our weather; what generates killer storms, etc.

This knowledge includes where, why and how certain anomalies exist, such as the vortex in Oregon where balls defy gravity and roll upward instead of downward.  While we are NOT suggesting that the evil one is behind these odd forces, we are stating that he is not only aware of them, but can use them to his advantage.

That is where the alien abduction scenario comes in.

Using the Earth’s magnetic impulses on unwitting victims, the evil one is able to use these unique natural forces to the disadvantage of poor souls who believe they have had an experience that, in reality, only occurred in their mind. 
While not a form of possession, this certainly is an intrusion (“scaly” grey creatures with evil eyes having no pupils substitute very nicely for demonic beings).

It is an intrusion that does not end with the experience but continues to haunt the person and perhaps their family the rest of their lives.

This is the tragedy.

This is where the desperate need of prayers is required.

Yet, most of the world’s population no longer sees this need; and so few even practice it.

There is another weird twist to this story of “alien abductions” and one which we believe only proves the point.

The History program closed on the note that these “abductions” were not just occurring in swampy isolated areas — as so many are led to believe — or unpopulated regions of the world.

In fact, the show pointed out that there seems to be a focal point — a capital, if you wish — where these “events” were occurring more frequently than anywhere else in the world.

It is, believe it or not, a place called New York City!

Not exactly an area where one can hide a UFO anytime day or night (unless, of course, the “aliens” have a “cloaking” device)!

Yet, more and more people in the nation’s most populous city are claiming they have been victims of this dreadful scenario.
“I saw a light outside my apartment window and went to the rooftop where I was taken … .”  “I have had this alien encounter over and over again as they come to my apartment to take me … .”

How strange.

With buildings piercing the sky and approximately 16 million eyes in the metropolitan area, no one seems to notice this outrageous event —
an event experienced only by individuals in high-rise apartments.

Could there be another explanation?

Could there be a connection to the experiments performed at MIT?

We believe the answer is a resounding yes!

Out of all the cities in the world, which one qualifies as the “communications capital” of the planet?

Out of all the cities in the world, which one has more radio frequency waves being beamed through high-rise buildings?

Out of all the cities of the world, which one qualifies for the title of Babylon as depicted in the
Book of Apocalypse?

Out of all the unwitting helpers of the evil angel of light, could the mass media be a part of the deception?

Out of all the places in the world to conduct electromagnetic transmission experiments would our masonic government engage in such
hip gnosis (good play on words, no?) activity without the City of New York’s knowledge?  (For those who may doubt this, does anyone remember the biological experiments done in the subway system without the population’s knowledge?  Or is there anyone for another CIA dose of an experimental tab of LSD on unsuspecting individuals?)

Out of all the cities in the world, where can the most Christian souls be tempted? (Remember, the evil one does not concentrate on those who are already lost, but on those he can steal; couple this with the fact that New York has one of the highest Catholic populations in the nation.  It is also a city in which the decisions of various souls can affect other souls throughout the world!)

And, as Babylon, isn’t it logical that the evil one would be most attracted to conducting activities in a place where the harlot sits? Is it not a magnet for him and his minions as so much love and pride is given to that very inanimate copper object used to distract our nation from its rightful Queen?

With that
“dead head by the ocean,” as Jesus described it to one visionary in regard to the United Nations monolith, could we not even envision New York as the fallen angel’s capital of deception?

For those who may be reading these concepts from us for the first time, do not engage us in what a “patriotic” symbol the “
statue of liberty” represents or the “greatness” of Gotham; for we are native to the city that never sleeps and know better.  In fact, for those who would challenge, get your facts straight and understand the harlot of Babylon is not a “gift” from France, but a Trojan Horse from the Grand Orient Lodge of Paris!

And our nation, like those who believe they have been “abducted,” have fallen for the deception.


There is again another simple answer to these seemingly complex questions.

People fall prey to the hypnotic trance of UFO lights or alien abductions because they have NO protection.

People fall prey to worshipping, honoring and saluting the statue of liberty because they have NO protection.

People fall prey to the attacks of satan because they have NO protection

People are affected by magnetic anomalies that cause disruptions in the thinking of their brains because they have NO protection.

People are victims because they refuse, do not believe, do not think, or care to follow the instructions of the “One who crushes the serpent.”

Unfortunately, these Truths can even be so for those who are believers.


Because we do not do what the Bible tells us to do and then couple that with what Mary as our Queen instructs us.

The Apostle Paul taught us that we must put
“on the Armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil.  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places” Ephesians 6:11-12.

(Anyone thinking unidentified flying lights in the sky yet?)

“In all things taking the Shield of Faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one” Ephesians 6:16.

(Anyone thinking “fiery darts” equals magnetic pulses to disturb one’s mind?)

Shield of Faith (and, yes, Virginia, we have purposely upper cased the words so we can think of it rightfully as true physical objects and not just spiritual ones) that Paul speaks of has been given to us by our Queen.

It is the Scapular.

It is the Miraculous Medal.

It is invoking the protection of Her Virginal Mantle.

It is asking Her, as the Queen of Angels, to send St. Michael to “defend us in battle.”

It is consecrating ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart!

We have never seen the secular world attempt this and we dare say we will never see it accomplished.  But instead of hearing from UFO “researchers,” pop psychologists, or MIT conducting more experiments, we would like to see a different survey completed.

How many of those who have had such
“close encounters of the alien abduction kind” were consecrated to the Blessed Virgin?

How many were wearing a Scapular when it happened?

How many were invoking the protection of Mary’s Virginal Mantle as they went about their day-to-day busi-ness (pronounce “busy ness”)!

How many asked for St. Michael’s protection?

How many prayed for the graces Mary offers as our Mediatrix and performed the act of faith by placing around their necks the Miraculous Medal?

We will challenge anyone to come up with a number other than zero in answer to these questions.

For not many today are putting on the full Armor of God as Paul instructed us and which Mary provided for Her children!

We, today, are
“ignorant” of satan’s “devices,” our powerful enemy who can transform himself into an “angel of light.”

An ignorance that is pervasive throughout the world’s media.  An ignorance that ensures
New York as the city of Babylon is the center of activity.

And until we invoke the protection of Mary, the evil one’s deception utilizing the ever-increasing modern magnetic waves will explode in the center of activity for this demonic deception:  a place the Lord calls Babylon where people continue to honor the harlot while ignoring the protection only offered by our Queen.

A protection one can only receive by putting on the
Shield of Faith in Mary, the Woman who gave us the only True Heavenly Visitor we need.

2003 Agnus Dei Presents!