Agnus Dei Presents!
Why Would the Lord be Displeased:
What’s Wrong With Masonry?
It’s incredible.

When one looks at the names of those who were/are involved in freemasonry, it truly is a list of
“who’s who.”

How could it be that so many could be involved in something so displeasing to the Lord?

In fact, when reviewing the “public” lives of many of the individuals, they certainly appear to be upstanding, moral and of good character:  people many would point to as an example for children to follow.

That’s why we are writing this article.

We have talked about those who, while the public never knew they were masons, achieved incredible things as part of history-making events.

Why would the Lord be displeased with this individual and how can we, who do not personally know these “celebrities,” make such a blanket statement that Jesus could possibly judge them in an extremely severe way?

After all, isn’t their spiritual progress or failures between them and God?

That is just the point.

Because they have made such a “name” for themselves, we have the right to examine their hidden lives and question whether or not this is a lifestyle that will enable one to get to Heaven; or, instead, result in a grand detour; or, perhaps, even worse, complete failure.

We are not capable of judging the individual soul — only God can — but we are certainly capable of commenting on and judging activities people engage in.

As believers, we all know that is exactly what we do when we condemn those who espouse alternative lifestyles for our children — such as homosexuality or pagan beliefs.

This is where the rubber meets the masonic road.

We wrote about the incredible exploits of astronaut
Buzz Aldrin:  while we may not be in a position to judge him personally as Jesus will, we are in a position to judge that which he believes in.

And Buzz, like so many incredible explorers, believes in masonry.

Since we keep condemning this belief, what is there in the degrees of this system that could be so disturbing to our God, as every true Christian knows, who is jealous?

What does masonry believe and teach its initiates?

In studying the answer to this question, we believe we will not have to defend our position that masonry is anti-Christ and pagan in its rituals.

It is important to expose masonry for what it is because most people today do not believe in a “conspiracy” against the Catholic Church.

Yet, just a simple browsing of masonic books leaves one no alternative but to comprehend a deep and long vengeance against the institution Christ founded on the Rock of Peter.

It is not an accident that popes have issued edicts and bulls against freemasonry.

It is not an accident that revolutions against “altars and thrones” have been guided, financed and executed under the direction of freemasons.

It is not an accident that to be a mason is an automatic excommunicable offense in the Church.

Today, we have had members of the faithful approach us after a
Shroud presentation and ask us if it is okay that their “Eucharistic minister” is wearing a masonic ring on their finger as they administer Communion!

It is not okay.

And we recommend that the individual not take Communion from their hands if at all possible, and, instead, receive from the hands of the priest (who we find shockingly allows anyone like that to be in such a position; but is there anything that so many of our priests are doing today that we do not find shocking?)!

Our journey to study masonry began when we were given — to this day we believe it was from the hands of an Angel (a story too involved to go into here) — the messages of Father Don Stefano Gobbi.

To him, our Queen stated that it was Her right and Her right only, to open the symbolism of the
Book of Apocalypse to mankind.

It was on the first Saturday of June 1989, when Mary told the founder of the
Marian Movement of Priests:

“The time has come when My Immaculate Heart must be glorified by the Church and by all humanity because, in these times of apostasy, of the purification and of the great tribulation, My Immaculate Heart is the only refuge … in the great struggle which is being fought out between the followers of the huge red dragon and the followers of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.”

Mary then described the symbolism in the
Book of Apocalypse concerning that which aids the dragon in this struggle:  “a beast like a leopard” (see Apocalypse 13).

This beast, Mary said, is
“freemasonry,” which “acts in the shadow, keeps out of sight and hides himself in such a way as to enter everywhere.  … he works everywhere with cunning and with the means of social communication, that is to say, through propaganda.”

“seven heads” of this beast, our Queen told us, “indicate the various masonic lodges, which act everywhere in a subtle and dangerous way.  … Masonry rules and governs throughout the whole world … .”

Queen of Prophets gives various examples of how freemasonry works to undermine the 10 Commandments, such as keeping the Sabbath holy; instead masons “transform the Sunday into a weekend, into a day of sports, of competitions, of entertainments.” (How subtle!  Anyone for the special “holi-day” sale at the mall this weekend?)

Mary then explains how the other Commandments are downgraded through the uplifting of the homosexual agenda (gee, there is no evidence of this in our daily news, is there?); making a mockery of the Commandment,
“Thou shalt not kill,” by “making abortion legal everywhere … [and] euthanasia acceptable.”

The next time a ruling is made by a judge or court that seems contrary to Christian values, we challenge anyone reading this:  have you investigated whether or not the judge or judges are involved in freemasonry? We would make a “killing” economically betting that they are!

In other words, freemasonry, in its promotion of
“liberty, equality and fraternity” promotes the seven capital vices.

Needless to say, we were quite shocked upon reading Mary’s insightful messages that are now more than 14 years old.

For us to accept them, however, it was necessary to begin our own investigation.

Who were freemasons?

What did freemasonry believe?

Why should we be against it?

And was there proof that the ultimate beliefs — at the upper degrees which most masons never achieve — was truly antichristian.

We began our investigation.

In our next article, we will present some of the facts we amazingly discovered along the way as the Queen of Prophets led us in our dumbfounding journey.

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Pop quiz:  pick the Christian symbol from one of three entries selected below!!!
1st entry:  George Washington’s masonic apron, hand-sewn for him by Marquis de Lafayette’s wife and personally presented to our president by the French general as one mason to another.  BZZZZ!  Entry disqualified due to pentagram symbol at lower right corner.
2nd entry:  Washington monument in our nation’s capital.  BZZZZ!  Entry disqualified as an obelisk is a symbol of the Egyptian sun god, ra!
3rd entry:  Washington masonic national memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.  Well, it certainly ‘looks’ like a temple!  But there does not seem to be any Christian symbolism here as well.  BZZZZ!  We’re sorry but all entries must be disqualified.  But if one wishes to explore the ‘memorial,’ one will find many takeoffs on things one would expect to find in a Church, such as a ‘grotto.’  In the ‘shrine’ room, one finds the image below of what looks like the Egyptian ‘goddess’ isis granting ‘graces’ to heal children.  Hmm, wonder who that is a takeoff of?