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‘Who Is
Your Mother’?
This is the story of two Jewish men.

It is the story of two Jewish mothers.

All of them are at Golgotha on that first Good Friday.

One of them is on the Cross.

The rest at His feet.

We all know — as believers — what Jesus will say to John, His Beloved Disciple in regard to Mary, Jesus’ Mother. 
(For those who don’t, read John 19:26-27.)

What we all forget is
who is Salome?

For she, like Mary, is at the
Foot of the Cross.

In forgetting this, we lose one of the most important arguments to prove that Jesus was not just giving His Mother to John, but — as true believers know — giving Mary to all mankind symbolically through His faithful Apostle.

How is this so?

Because Salome is the Apostle John’s mother and she is standing right there when Jesus makes this incredible statement!

A statement that is His Last Will and Testament.

How do we know Salome is John’s mother?

Easy.  It’s in Sacred Tradition.

But then one would have to believe in what the early Christians passed down to us as opposed to all those today who can’t comprehend that you can’t have everything written out for you in Scripture.

As our 1951 Holy Trinity Bible’s dictionary clearly points out, Salome
“was one of the women who followed our Lord.  She was beneath the Cross when Christ was Crucified (Mark 15:40) and was one of the women who came to anoint the body of Jesus with spices and to whom the Angels and Christ appeared (Mark 16:5 and Matthew 28:9). Although it is not stated explicitly in the Bible, SHE WAS THE MOTHER OF JOHN and James the Greater.  She asked Christ to give them the first places in His Kingdom (Matthew 20:21).

We all know how Christ responded to Salome’s request
(see Matthew 20:23), and, therefore, it is easy to discern who sits at the Right and Left Hand of God.

Why is it important to remember that Salome is the Beloved Disciple’s mother at this crucial moment in history?

Because Jesus is telling John to accept Mary as his Mother when his biological mother is still alive and standing right there with them

And, as the Scriptures teach, the Apostle
did take Mary into his home and heart.

But John already has a mother; one who is already in his home and heart.

Now Jesus is telling His Beloved Disciple to place Mary
above His biological mother.  For He did not just say to John “here is,” but, “Behold thy Mother” John 19:27.

More importantly,
He spoke FIRST to His own Mother, calling Her not by Her name, but by the role She is about to take up at God’s Command: “Woman, BEHOLD Thy son” John 19:26.

When we have these new biblical translations today that remove the word
“behold” from the mouth of Christ, we have a problem.

For to say
“here is” vs. “behold” is quite a different matter.

Behold is used in the imperative
.  And when such a word is used in the imperative its meaning is clear: “to command.”  “Having the authority or power to control.”

is “obligatory.”

In other words, Jesus is not asking.

He is Commanding.
(And those who think they can outthink Jesus as the Word of God and change words in the Scriptures are in for some “shock and awe” when they account for their improper and uninspired “interpretations.”)

Commanding His Mother to take John on as Her own son now to bring to fruition His Last Will that the Virginal Woman who bore the
Sun of Justice now spiritually bear those who follow Him.

Commanding, not asking, John to take Mary into his home.

Yet, John already has a mother and Jesus, who has the Authority and Power, has told His Beloved Disciple he now has a
new Mother.

A different Mother.

Not a biological one.

But a spiritual One.

And what of Salome?

As a typical mother would she have not found it insulting that Jesus suddenly has thrust His own Mother onto her biological child?  Ignoring her as if she is nobody to John while Jesus is dying?

Commanding her son to now view a different woman as his mother.

This would break the Fourth Commandment:  Honor thy father and thy mother.

Jesus would be causing dissension in John’s home and showing disrespect for His Apostle’s need to follow the Mosaic Law.

By doing so, Jesus would cause John to sin — a sin that would have affected the sinless nature of the
Lamb of God; an impossibility, for that would have made Jesus’ Work on the Cross null and void.  It would be sooner that the Universe would collapse before the Work of God’s Son would not see fruition!

No, Salome is not insulted.

We know that from John writing his Gospel years after this event in that he makes no mention of his mother’s feelings being hurt; nor was any mention ever made of dissension in John’s home because he now lived with two mothers.

Instead, Salome knows — at the
Foot of the Cross where the Holy Spirit is operating and in complete control of even the lance being thrust into Christ’s right side between the fifth and sixth ribs (without, miraculously, breaking any bones) — that this is God’s Will!

It is the Will of her Savior.  Her Messiah.  Her King.

She is, after having been turned down in her request to have her sons sit on the left and right side of Jesus, now given a different honor.  The great honor to have Mary become her son’s spiritual Mother.

Salome knows Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath.

And in this, she knows that Mary is the
G’virah, the Great Lady in Hebrew.

As such, Salome knew that Mary was Jesus’
“chief counselor.” (Not the great Saint Mary Magdalene!)  For in Israel, all the tribes knew in their Sacred Tradition and Scriptures that the queen of the kingdom, because the king had so many wives, was always the mother of the king.

Since Jesus, despite the heretics who claim otherwise, had no wife at all, Salome immediately comprehended that Mary was now taking on this role — the role of the
Great Lady.

A role in which traditionally the subjects of the kingdom of Israel could petition the king through his mother, the queen.  The woman, the queen, who assisted her son in running his government.

As a Jewish mother, Salome had no illusions as to Mary’s role.

In fact, this is why we believe John in his Gospel makes no mention of his mother being at the
Foot of the Cross.

He had been given
another more important focus for his Gospel — a spiritual Mother who supercedes his biological mother — by Command of his King!

The Lord of the Sabbath who makes the laws.  Who has the Power and Authority.

And so, the heretics, skeptics, protest-ants, and atheists can all decry the Gospels and debunk whatever they wish.

They are only heaping proverbial coals on their heads.

Jewish tradition coupled with the recorded Scriptures of one translation that has stood the test of time and came from the hands of the early Christians — the Latin Vulgate — proves the reality of what Jesus did.


By Command, He gave us His Mother as our Mother.

For He is our King.

And as He is the King of Israel,
Mary, then, is our Queen.

A fact John as a Jewish man, and Salome as his Jewish mother, understood.

In this fact, then, we all will account to the King as to how we answer the question:

“Who is your Mother?”

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